Zone 403

Alternative names: Zone 403

If you want the comfort of your home, try your hand in the struggle for survival in a post-apocalyptic world, the game Zone 403 online just for you. This game includes combat simulator and elements of economic strategy. To play the game Zone 403 online you do not need to engage in a tedious game client installation or additional programs. To do this you need only access the Internet through your favorite browser and go through a simple registration. No wonder online game zone 403 on your server combines several thousand people who have already chosen their survival strategy. Someone chose the hard way harsh solitary stalker, others create groups and compete for influence in this cruel world, taking part in the shootings, trading and engaging in the production of goods.

To play in Zone 403 online you will need to register. Join in the game Zone 403 simple and will not take you much time. To begin, select the original name for your character, which will see the other online players. Next, enter the game known only to you and confirm your password to familiarize with the rules that must be followed. After this registration Zone 403 is finished and you can focus on survival in the world after the apocalypse.

Zone 403 is a world where we have to play for a stalker - a man who inexplicably survived way during the Apocalypse. After entering the game you are given the choice of starting your first level weapons. The game has three types of weapons: firearms, laser and impulse. Develop your chosen weapon and skills to use it. The more often your character uses it - the better it uses. To change the type of weapon in the game foreseen special shops with uniforms.

Everyone starts to play the game online Zone 403 from his baptism of fire. To do this, click on the green button "to fight" to the interface of your character and fighting in the section, and then you have a decent opponent.

Fighting in the 403 Zone occur incrementally. More specifically, you need to predict the direction in which your opponent will go and shoot in that direction. With exactly the opposite you should act during your opponent's shot. Much more interesting to play in Zone 403 and to participate in the clashes between gaming groups, because they involve more real people. Oderzhivaya upper hand in battles, you get valuable resources and more valuable experience. Can show your business genius and resell mined resources in the market at competitive prices for yourself. How to understand the Zone 403 - online - a game in which to survive, quite hard, so it is better to team up with the most lovely for you brothers in mind.

Online Game Zone 403 is a world that is very large and is divided into small areas, which will be placed strategically important buildings, roads, and other textures. They can earn working in the factories. You can also buy one of them and make a profit. If you work too lazy, you lurking adventurer, go on the road and terrorize careless travelers.

Received the baptism of fire and earning money first, you should consider your combat gear to improve your defense. Such necessary things again can be found in stores where a wide assortment of armor, helmets, shoes, camouflage. In the battle with a superior experience for you in and attack the enemy is an advantage in gear will help you save your life. The experience you get after the fight goes on development of your character. For example, improving the skill of masking can generally disadvantageous for you to miss a fight.

Be sure the game Zone 403 online will give you the chance to feel in the world after the apocalypse, and every day to fight for survival in it.


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