Alternative names: ZooMamba


Zoomumba online - is a browser online game that is dedicated to creating a personal universal topics zoo. Online game ZooMamba confronts player goal is to build and develop the best zoo! The user will choose who settle in your zoo as his build and attract visitors.

Since the game is Zoomumba online browser, it does not require very high system requirements. To play, the following parameters will be enough computer

• Processor 1 GHz;

• 512 MB RAM

• A 64 MB video card.

Well, of course, you must have Internet access and a browser.

To begin the game, you need to check has been passed in the game Zoomumba, that is, create a personal profile of the player. To be performed Zoomumba registration must choose a section on the site Registration game Zoomumba and do the following:

• Enter your name, which will be used in the game;

• Enter your e-mail;

• Enter the password;

• Read and agree to the terms of use of the game.

Register online Zoomumba ends here and you can go directly to the game.

At the beginning of play Zoomumba will help assistant, whose name Galya. It will suggest what to do in different situations, and will introduce the basic laws of the game. To master the game, simply follow its prompts.

Initially, each player is given a start-up capital, which is represented in the form:

• zveropenni

• zoodollary

Zveropenni - the currency that you can get in the game, she is charged a certain amount for 1 hour.

Zoodollary - the currency that can be bought for real money and opens a number of previously unavailable features. It is important to note that contributions to the game of real money greatly simplifies the process of development of the zoo.

Zoomumba online game whose aim is to create the best zoo. And the player, as the director, will choose the direction of the zoo. During the game, the user will need to conscientiously care about their pets, entertain visitors and maximize your earnings, which will steadily increase as the user improve the zoo.

Play game Zoomumba online, you need to constantly improving. Funds received should immediately invest in the modernization and development of its zoo, to make it the best and most unique.

First you need to get enclosures for pets. You can place them in different places and in different combinations. Once installed cages - can run there pets. Need to constantly look at the condition of the livestock. Settling in one aviary female and male, you can create a couple who can then give birth. Or you can arrange entertainment, put in one cell two aggressive males, but in this case they can kill each other.

In Zoomumba play must not for a moment forgetting that animals need attention, care and affection. We must not forget to feed their pets, drink, iron, train and monitor the state of their health.

Embellishing aviaries, you can boost the ranking of the zoo, which also adds some unique zoo, increase traffic and profits, respectively.

Everything you need in order to play the game online Zoomumba can be purchased in the store. In the process of development will be able to purchase additional improvements that can be placed at the zoo. It may be, for example, an amusement park. Naturally, these improvements contribute to the zoo's rating as a result more people will walk in and bring great profit.

Enhance revenue will also help the zoo located on the hotel. Furthermore it can also be equipped with a variety of eateries that make a significant contribution to the development of the zoo.

Between enclosures can be installed a variety of decorative and your visitors have a comfortable and convenient travel. Lay the track to the mind, so that the same can be conveniently reach any enclosure.

Graphics in the game is pretty quality and comfortable. Also in the game has a lot of pleasant surprises from the developers on special occasions. Spend time having fun together with Zoomumba online!


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