Alternative names: 4site, 4sigt

4Sight game in a sci-fi setting. 4Sight is a game developed by Shadow Masters Studio and published by Travian Games GmbH for a PC with a dual-core processor, at least 4 GB of OP, 3 GB of video card and Win 7 installed; 8 or 10. Distributed toy for a one-time purchase.

Tut represented not so distant future, although, looking at the characters and place of action, you can not say. Rather, it is believed that this is an alternative or parallel reality, where the strongest survive. As already mentioned, online battles take place between real players, and therefore the winner is the one who has better pumped up his militants and knows a lot about tactics.

We form a detachment.

Each participant who started playing at 4Sight must put together a squad of four brave warriors. Moreover, they will have to be selected by studying representatives of six different classes. Each has special characteristics and is fluent in several types of firearms and cold arms:

  • Rocketlanchera
  • Grenade launchers
  • Sniper Rifles
  • Shotgunders
  • Six Barrel Gatlings
  • Katans

Players must create warriors themselves, forming each of the available elements. Any part of uniforms and weapons can be completed at their own discretion. Naturally, gradually they are available to replace more perfect or improve what is available. To download the game 4Sight on the official website, you must agree to the privacy policy and subscribe to receive news related to the project. So you can always stay up to date with the latest events and get access to updates, promotions and bonuses. In the city, opposition between clans wishing to establish a unified power throughout the territory does not subside. Starting to play the game 4Sight, often have to take up arms. So that victory was on your side, you should not only think through tactics, but also correctly form your small army. It is unlikely that four of the same fighter will be a full-fledged team that can cope with any cunning of the enemy.

4Sight iPlayer assumes not only active actions, but also secret intelligence. Sometimes it is preferable to close combat, sometimes it is more beneficial for health to act at a distance. Snipers are capable of causing significant damage by sniping, while a samurai manages to remain inconspicuous and deadly, deftly falling into hard to reach places. It is important to be able to adjust to a situation that may change unexpectedly. Forsyth is equipped with multi-level maps, and there are always open zones and hiding places where it is convenient to arrange traps. Going on adventures, get ready to act quickly, responding to the actions of opponents with the clarity of professionals. Your life depends on it, as well as the result of the mission. Remember that the winner will not be left without remuneration.

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