Ace Defender: Dragon War

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Ace Defender: Dragon War is an unusual game that combines idle rpg and tower defender genres. The game cannot boast of top graphics. Nevertheless, everything is done quite qualitatively, the picture is pleasant. With effects and animations, everything is also fine, they are in moderation, and they are not annoying.

To play Ace Defender: Dragon War you will start with the usual procedure when choosing a name and profile picture.

The game is notable primarily for the fact that it is two games in one. You won't get tired of playing because the game has two different types of fights.

Heroes divided into three factions

  1. Nature
  2. Divine Light
  3. Moonshadow

You will need to form your squad of five heroes. The developers left you three options as a hint, and then you will have to figure out on your own how to select suitable fighters. Each warrior has two rows of abilities. One core consisting of several unique skills? plus inventory slots. The other one is for tower defender fights. As you level up, you will be able to improve all skills.

On the main page of the game you will see a map with a lot of activities in the game, but not all of them are available from the first levels. To open some you need to reach a certain level.

The list of locations available in the game is below.

  • Castle of Heaven.
  • Arena.
  • Arena of Kings.
  • Treasure hunt.
  • Void Abyss.
  • Magic ruins.
  • Shield of Dawn.
  • Test tower.

In each of these locations there are many levels, passing which you can get hero cards, gold and experience. As well as crystals, which are the most valuable currency in the game.

Of course, there are guilds and raids in the game. Expedition with many locations.

The arena in the game is a bit unusual and has two modes. One is when your heroes fight directly. The second - in which your task is to determine the winner in the battle between the two teams. In both cases, interesting prizes await you for winning.

Two combat modes, one is the usual idle rpg combat mode when a team of enemies opposes your fighters. The second is in the tower defender style. In this case, the warriors from your team will fight with a horde of enemy units. At the beginning of the battle, you place only one on the field, later, for the points received when destroying enemies, you can attract the rest of your fighters to the battle. In this case, your task is to keep enemies away from the crystal, which has 10 units of life. If the crystal is destroyed, the battle is considered lost.

Available during battle and speed change, everyone can choose the one they like.

There are bonuses for daily entry in the game. There are several stores. Union, Arena, Dissolution, Illusions of animals and a few more.

The game is played quite comfortably even without investing money. If you want to thank the developers, you can buy something and speed up development a little.

Ace Defender: Dragon War download for free on Android you can right here by clicking on the link on the page.

The game deserves attention with an unusual combination of two different genres, start playing right now and see for yourself!

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