Ace Combat Assault Horizon

Alternative names: Ace Combat Assault Horizon

System requirements:

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2. 2 GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000 +


Video Card: 512 MB

Disk Space: 16 GB


Ace Combat Assault Horizon - arcade aviation simulator, which continues the tradition of one of the most long-running series genre. In Ace Combat Assault Horizon will play a not very distant future, specifically in 2015. The protagonist of the game, Colonel Bishop, leader of a squadron of military forces of the United Nations, performing another task to destroy the radical gang called "thug" on the instructions of the combined forces of the Russian Air Force and NATO. During the next flight, the plane appeared out of nowhere, with a shark mouth painted on board knocks him and Bishop forced to eject, and meanwhile plane shark makes a turn and takes a defenseless pilot to ram. This story might amuse anyone, but the game Ace Combat Assault Horizon is not so simple, and this tie - just a dream of the protagonist, but the reality is that a brave pilot fighting with the rebels somewhere in North Africa, but many of the events of his dream start come true in real life pilot.




Perennial arcade past series gives her claim to the proud title of a flight simulator, but it seems that Ace Combat Assault Horizon and this was not necessary. Control of the game easier to get built and the main emphasis is on the dynamics rather than authenticity. For example, in Ace Combat Assault Horizon plane or buy some fantastic body kits or weapons is not big problems, all the action takes place during a strange conflict, where fighting alongside Russian and NATO pilots, and the main enemy is the organized criminal group from Russia with capacious name "thug." However, the game Ace Combat Assault Horizon is the first of all the parts of the series, which is being held on the planet Earth, not in a fantasy world with strange continents, but on a less familiar aircraft. In Ace Combat Assault Horizon you can play on any aircraft, created by real examples and even retained the full name of the models, as well as U.S. military helicopters or Russian origin. A

Is a serious step towards the simulation, which few could have expected from the creators of one of the most interesting and the most popular computer series in its genre.




To incite desire among fans of Ace Combat Assault Horizon buy another version, the developers have produced a number of interesting surprises. The most interesting of them is the control mode CRA. The essence of this regime is to simplify the combat system. So, if you caught the tail of your opponent, which is a crazy rhythm starts wagging and get up dashing turns, so take aim at a target at all troubled is not possible, then the push of two buttons, your plane will be thrown into the invisible "corridor" repeating the trajectory of the target. Do not confuse this with the autopilot mode, because if you do not from time to time to adjust the trajectory of your flight for targeting, you can leave this "corridor", a CRA may automatically shutdown. Innovation was greeted with cheers and fully migrated to multiplayer battles, but not all the players were in awe of such an undertaking, and for them in the multiplayer feature was added creating battles where you can not use the CRA.

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