Ace Online

Alternative names: Ace Online

Online game Ace online space combat simulator is with good graphics and excellent traced landscapes and countryside. Ace online game will allow you to enjoy a variety of stunts on exotic aircraft. A huge selection of all sorts of "widgets" for the aircraft to satisfy even the most demanding players. To play Ace online you will start to download and install Zapuskatre Fogeym. In Ace online registration is done only if you have installed Zapuskatre. Sign in Ace online in two ways: standard registration in the game Ace online in the first step you need to enter an email address to which you have access, enter the six numbers from the image and click to create an account, or you can use your account on Facebook, to register in Fogeyme. In the second stage of registration you need to enter in Zapuskatre sent a code consisting of four digits and press "enter." In the third step is to enter and confirm your password. In the fourth stage Ace online registration offers you review the license and user agreements, and download and install the game on your computer.

In order to play the game Ace online you will need to join one of two factions which are in a violent confrontation and only you decide which side you prefer: the government or mercenaries. The next step is the selection of the airframe, which are classified by letters. So airframe type A looks like a tank and can move through the ground. Enclosure type B designed for combat at great distances. Enclosure class and allow you to fight without reloading a long time. Enclosure class M is designed to repair the ship mate. It is worth noting that the game is very well balanced on the forces, so you can choose the plane on the principle that like.

Once you define with the faction and the aircraft can fly and. Control of the aircraft in the game is fairly simple, and you get used to it after a couple of hours of play, when you can destroy enemies in droves and skillfully dodging enemy missiles. Play online game Ace interesting because in addition to standard tools you need to develop the aircraft and specific skills in your airship. Ace Online will allow you to turn your plane in a bulletproof tank or make him super powerful ship, improving it as the amount of experience. Each new level will allow you to use new types of buildings. Besides all this, Ace online game allows you to improve the standard characteristics of the spacecraft in your discretion: attack, defense, fuel, energy, shield and spirit. In short, you'll have a place to turn.

Ace Playing online can be grouped with friends, join a guild of like-minded, to take part in the fighting in the arena, perform individual and group quests. Ace Online offers players a variety of quests, you need to move to the next level. It is worth noting that between flights you have to sometimes back to town to replenish ammo or improve some detail. It should be noted that the city worked quite weak in terms of graphics developers, and not entirely in harmony with the bright and impressive pictures of the army, but even this fact does not spoil the overall picture.

Ace online will please fans of the genre, because in our time is not so easy to find a good online simulator. Motor roars, your plane is waiting for you on the runway. Go ahead, it's Ace online play!

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