Adventure Quest Worlds

Alternative names: Adventure Quest Worlds

Game Adventure Quest Worlds is a free browser game. This game is a multiplayer online role game in the style of Fantasy. AdventureQuest Worlds was developed in 2008 by Artix.

English is represented in the game Adventure Quest Worlds registration. To create your account you must specify the following:

1. Class and gender of your character and choose his appearance.

2. Specify the character's name, password, and email address.


Play the game Adventure Quest Worlds You'll be fighting with other players. You'll fight real time simultaneously with other players and monsters.

Currently, Artix Entertainment has restricted access to the regime of "player versus player", but said that they could try it, so this game is multiplayer.

Players can only fight along with other players against monsters. After the monster is defeated, the players who are involved in this particular battle, and receive experience points and gold.

Players can now be used as a melee and use the spell damage attack monsters.

Despite the fact that the game is free, the main form of payment installments are: monthly, three-month, six-month or yearly fee required to access additional game content.

Nevertheless, AQ Worlds can be played for free without this additional game content.

To Adventure Quest Worlds in play you will use coins needed to purchase some unique items in the game in terms of artistic quality. For example, Marine armor Commander.

There are various methods that you can use to purchase coins. These include credit cards, and cards that you can trade online (bought in a shop).

In the game Adventure Quest Worlds online classes are the following:

1. Warrior - it's strong and brave class. Monsters are afraid of their power.

2. Tramp - is the tricky class in the game. Their vigilance is difficult to put down.

3. Mage - their magical power envy each.

4. Doctor - he helps his friends in combat, heals all wounds that were inflicted opponents.


When you create your character, you can:

1) Choose his hair.

2) Hair color.

3) skin color.

4) Eye color.


In the game Adventure Quest Worlds plays more than 35 million people. New user is added weekly. And, most importantly, for the little that you can play it with ten years.

In order to start playing you will not need to download any additional game clients, and it is very convenient.

You in the game Adventure Quest Worlds expects more than a thousand monsters, which you have to fight.

Create your account online game Adventure Quest Worlds free, invite your best friends and fight against the enemies together!

Immerse yourself in this incredible world and show the evil and ruthless monsters that you trifled with.



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