Against the Storm

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Against the Storm is a city building simulator with roguelite elements. The game is available on PC, performance requirements are low, optimization is good. The graphics are colorful and realistic. The game is voiced by professionals, the music is pleasant and will not tire you even during long sessions.

The plot is interesting. Everything happens in a fantasy world that is on the verge of death, the reason for this is incessant rain. Your character is the viceroy of the Burnt Queen. Moving through wild places, your task is to build cities. Each of them must correspond to the conditions of the new area and its inhabitants. In addition, the queen constantly sets more and more difficult tasks for you.

Before taking on such complex projects, you will need to undergo a little training to understand the game mechanics and controls.

There are many different things waiting for you in the game:

  • Mine and accumulate resources, with them it will be easier to start all over again in a new place
  • Build new buildings and upgrade existing buildings
  • Do research on technology
  • Make sure that the population of the city does not need anything, it will not be easy because as many as five races with very different needs coexist within its walls
  • Try to resist the elements for as long as possible in order to make the most of natural resources
  • Engage in trading

Here is a small list of tasks that you will encounter during the game.

These are not all the difficulties that await you along the way. You'll find out everything else when you play Against the Storm.

During your journey you will visit five biomes and will have to survive there. Each time you will have to adapt to changing conditions. This is not easy to do when you are responsible for the life and well-being of a community.

Much will depend on you, but not everything.

Trade with other settlements will help you get the missing supplies.

The merchant who visits you brings new goods every time. You have no control over what it will be. It is necessary to find application and use most of the available resources.

Expand the territory under your control and build new settlements as soon as possible.

All the cities you build will be different from each other. As you progress, you will receive drawings of new buildings. In addition, each time the conditions will be different, this will require different placement of buildings.

You can play Against the Storm for a very long time. Even if you abandon the game for a while, you will probably want to return to it. Creating new settlements in different places with different climates is an exciting activity.

After you download the necessary files and install the game, you will no longer need the Internet. You can play offline as much as you like, even on the go, using a laptop or tablet.

Against the Storm download for free on PC, unfortunately, will not work. Visit the Steam portal or the developers' website to purchase the game.

Start playing right now to spend many exciting evenings building incredible cities!

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