Alternative names: A I War

A. WAR online - it's free multiplayer role-playing game created by developers in the genre of science fiction.

Online game A. WAR does not raise to the power of your computer's high demands. You need an internet connection and web browser. Developers recommend using Mozilla Firefox. Browser must accept Cookies, and it must be activated Javascript.

Join in the game A. WAR is simple enough. You will need to enter the name under which you will know in the game, password, e-mail address. Register A. WAR will ask you to choose the gender of your character (it may differ from yours), and agree with the terms of this agreement. Additionally, you can choose one of several worlds.

When you play the game A. WAR Online, your character will have certain characteristics that in the game called "stats." These characteristics

- Agility (ie, how will you evade attacks)

- Accuracy (ie, how true you will get into the enemy)

- Speed ​​(number of beats per unit time)

- Hardening (increases armor and is antiskorostyu)

- Endurance (how much you can last in a fight).

At the beginning of the game you will be given four credits that you can spend on improving their performance. Your abilities will grow with increasing levels. Level rubbed depending on the typing experience that when you play the game online A. WAR, you will receive either during the fighting one on one, or at the time of single attacks, performing some task.

A. WAR online game has an interesting feature called safety battle. After the battle, one on one your character is safe from attacks for another hour. This time you can spend on their own development. After each battle you need to restore your health, and here, when you are just starting to play A. WAR, you will have the advantage - up to and including the third level you can do it for free at the hospital. Then have to fork out for medicines.

After a successful attack on someone you will have extra money, and they can stock up on different things, which can then either use or sell the surplus in the market. Bazaar enjoyed by many players because it is more profitable than buying things from Trader - a computer character.

In order to A. WAR play and develop, it is necessary to execute the instructions that are given to the military administration. You can choose the level of difficulty of your order - from simple to complex. Did you get to run it will be necessary to make a few raids, and perhaps enough for one. One order is executed within 10 minutes. For execution of the order, depending on its level of complexity, you can get

- Money

- Diamonds

- Mysterious tokens (for the purchase of special things in a mysterious shop)

- Fame Points

- Artifacts

- Things.

In addition, you will have your own apartment, in which it will be possible to change the furnishings, and that you will recover the life force.

Starting from level 7 you will be able to join the clan - the gaming community of players, united by a common purpose.

Game A. WAR Online has another feature - while you are away online, your character can work on the exchange and get paid for it.

A. WAR registration will take you to the planet Meador, which leads will come with a powerful and self-developing artificial intelligence and robots.

Saskatoon conducted on multiple servers

- Four Russian

- One international.

Prove that you belong to the best fighters fighting the machines rebelled powerful computer!

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