Aion Online

Alternative names: Aion Online

Online game Aion: The tower of eternity - multiplayer online game that can develop both on the ground and in the air. The creators of Aion: The tower of eternity online combined Warcraft and Lineage 2, thus creating a new, incredibly beautiful world. The game takes place in Atreia - a world once united, but as a result of various upheavals, divided into two races: the Elyos and Asmodians, opposing and Balaur. Join in the game Aion: The tower of eternity is a little different from the standard. First you need to download the game client files tab and run it on your computer setup. First you need to read the license agreement, and then complete a simple registration. Aion: The tower of eternity check standard data requests: e-mail address, username and password. After pressing the register Aion: The tower of eternity is ready for use. To play the online game Aion: The tower of eternity you have to choose a character. Creating a character in a game, regardless of race, represented by four schools (warriors, mages, priests and scouts), and within each school there are two classes. Therefore, during the creation of the character in the game Aion: The tower of eternity online fascinating. Detailed development of small things that can make a character truly unique appearance on the stage of choosing not leave indifferent even a frequenter of MMORPG, and the opportunity to play with the size of the character you will be remembered for a long time. Originally in the game Aion: The tower of eternity online you choose a character class, depending on the direction in which you plan to develop it. The main characteristics of a warrior are the strength and endurance. Warrior in the further development can become a gladiator or guardian. Mage is quite vulnerable, but at the same time has a great potential attackers. Mage can become a magician or caster. Priest is a supporting character on the battlefield. Reaching its peak, the priest can become a healer or magician. Scout is a clever and quick killer with a strong attack and weak defensive skills. Scout can develop in either hand assassin.

Defined the character we have to choose who to play: for light Elyos or Asmodian in the dark. The third race - the Balaur is not a game. Of the six proposed specialties (manufacturing of weapons and armor, alchemy, cooking, tailor and craftsman) character can develop all six, but do not forget that as much as possible to develop more than two professions is unlikely.

Aion: The tower of eternity online game allows the character acquires wings reaching the twelfth level. It is worth remembering that just will not fly for a long time, and this skill will have to develop a special skill and pump wings. Play the game Aion: The tower of eternity online wondering as flights provide you the opportunity to collect a variety of artifacts that are hidden above the clouds, and can be used or sold, as well as provide an opportunity to carry out the wings of the battle in the air, and if necessary to escape from the Balaur Wings are an irreplaceable part. After reaching level 25 character in Aion: The tower of eternity play becomes much more interesting. From this moment on your game character is permitted to participate in PvP battles between real people on location Abyss, where for killing characters you earn Abyss Points, for which it will be possible in the future to buy interesting things.

Play Aion: The tower of eternity will appeal to all fans of MMORPG. The game captures its beauty, and after the experience of battle in the air, when you can fly in the face of the enemy at the heart becomes warm and light, and I want to repeat the feat many times.

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