Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers. Asa Pacific

Alternative names: Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers. Asa Pacific

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2. 0 Ghz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200 +


Video: 256 MB

Disk Space: 2 GB


Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers - another part of the computer with the elements of arcade flight simulation aircraft since World War II. Game Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers, known in Russia as the Aces of the Pacific takes us to the front of battles between U.S. and Japanese forces in the Pacific expanse. Game Aces of the Pacific Ocean originates, as expected in the Pearl Bay, better known as Pearl Harbor, where, after the Japanese attack aircraft to one of the largest naval bases in the United States, the Americans were forced to join in the global military conflict. Relaxed American troops were caught off guard, but a bit of serious damage oklemavshis still able to find the reserves and to give an adequate response imperial aviation. Uneasy about these days and tell us Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers 2012, a game where you can fly freely in the famous samples of aircraft not only American, but also Japan.




Thanks arcade component management in Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers 2012 takes a lot of time mastering it. Asa Pacific will manage his winged flying killer with only one mouse cursor movement which will be responsible for the direction of flight, and two buttons will use guns and bombs responsible for the dumping. During several missions the player in the game Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers have no time to meet the forces of the enemy in aerial combat or flying at low level flight, bomb airfields and enemy ships. Just a game Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers offers three different kinds of air technology - fast and lightweight fighters, torpedo bombers To combat surface targets and dive bombers to bomb airfields and ports. There is a simple role model, where the player will accrue experience a quest missions for him in the latter will be available for your unusual camouflage aircraft or a couple of new guns. Game Aces of the Pacific Ocean and has a strategic component, where the player can control an entire squadron of aircraft at once in advance by each of them for weapons and during the battle to switch from one aircraft to another. Switch can help you, if in the case of active hostilities you exhausted ammunition. Replacing the plane, you will be back in business and computer assistant at this time will have time to fly to the airport the next portion of ammo for your guns onboard.


Appearance and network play


Perform missions to eliminate enemy overrun underwater or aerial equipment and bombing ground targets, will be diluted very attractive appearance. Game options have a wide list of options, so that you can arrange on request for yourself just a feast for the eyes. After completing all tasks single-player campaign will run your way to network battle, where "continuation of the banquet" is available all the cards in the single-player campaign mode several battles.

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