Air Conflicts: Secret Wars

Alternative names: Air Conflicts: Secret Wars

Processor: Intel Pentium 4 @ 1. 6 GHz / AMD Athlon XP 1600 +


Video: 256 MB

Disk Space: 4. 5 GB


Air Conflicts: Secret Wars - one of the parts of the famous arcade game aviation with a small slope in the penalty area. At this time, the authors decided to conduct our games for unknown historical moments of world aviation, most of which will take place on the fronts of World War II, as well as the heavens Tobruk, Azerbaijan or Yugoslavia. Game Air Conflicts: Secret Wars and surprising protagonist, or rather heroine. Fragile girl throughout the game will manage the most lethal aircraft of the mid-20th century. And resist the brave pilot with the call DiDi will most severe Lyuftvafe aces and the Soviet Air Force. All in the game Air Conflicts: Secret Wars 2011 seven unrelated game campaigns, each of which has several missions. After passing each campaign we will have to wait a peculiar flashback, when the game will flip us during the First World War, and the protagonist of most of these trips in the past will become the father of the protagonist and gradually we learn the history of the disappearance of the brave pilot, simultaneously mastering flying on plywood airplanes. Flights to bookcases after speedboats fighters during World War II will look very contrasting, but they bring a special touch and provide the connection to time.


The single player campaign


Game Air Conflicts: Secret Wars, rather its single player campaign, as well as any simulator is not replete with a wide variety of landscapes. However, this omission, present in all games of this genre, the developers of Air Conflicts: Secret Wars decided using a wide array of tasks. Each of the aircraft in the Air Conflicts: Secret Wars 2011 will have a standard set of weapons, which consists of machine guns, bombs and missiles. Each of them has its own characteristics, guns tend to overheat, so that an infinite firing may lead to the withdrawal of the weapons system and the more rapid completion of ammunition, missiles are highly accurate, and to learn from brasyvat bombs with pinpoint accuracy has to be a lot of flying over a potential target.




Unlike many of the previous parts of the series, the management here is more like a simulator and use the keyboard to the mouse, though possible, but leaves the player a number of important advantages. However, if desired, you can switch to arcade mode game where not so acutely felt overload and management can get used to just one fly. Using simulation in management will make the game at times sharper and more exciting, however, to study complex curves and adjustment to the flight characteristics have to spend a little more time. One of the features of the game was the scale of adrenaline, which is filled rapidly in the course of dangerous turns and chases the enemy or behind. When the scale will be filled before the end of time in the game is a bit slower and accuracy will be much higher.

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