Alternative names: AirRivals

AirRivals Online - a free multiplayer online game is a simulator of air battles on the futuristic fighter. Of course, what AirRivals online game belongs to the genre of "simulation" does not mean that the pilots of the Air Force will be able to ever visit the helm of aircraft in the game, but the management and functionality available to the player, it is worthy of the genre games.

Join in the game AirRivals not take much time. You need to specify your email address, screen name and password to access your account, and then activate it by clicking on the link from an email.

AirRivals - online game that does not let you get bored. Control System aircraft in its own interest: the player can combine with normal movement memorized aerobatic maneuvers and varied in time to get out of the fight unscathed, and even shoot down enemy.

Avialyubiteley will be pleasantly surprised by the huge selection of replacement parts for aircraft, an incredible arsenal of weapons and a variety of playable classes of aircraft. Bombers, fighters, attack all game AirRivals online contains full, there's even a plane ... tank! Such aircraft can fight in the air and on the ground.

Despite the fact that you will play the game AirRivals online graphics in the game is at a decent level. Very high quality traced model aircraft, and, what is most interesting - landscape locations. Usually in these games attention surrounding areas received very little, because the picture is very dynamic and the player in the zone view is not focused. But once you play AirRivals and you will immediately understand what - a real pleasure from the flight over the beautiful hills or endless colorful fields strewn boulders. Visual effects skills in battle made ascetic and flashy, but it is necessary to pay tribute to the genre. It's still a simulator.

The first time management game requires getting used to, but after a few hours it is hard to imagine any other way of coordinating aircraft. In general, it's worth noting that just did this a unique control system, which so quickly become attached, and makes playing maintaining interest and spurring on more and more combat missions.

All weapons in the game can be improved without permission. With increasing levels become available to solve new kinds of spare parts, housings. In addition, each new level you can increase some of the basic parameters of the character, such as attack protection, shield, spirit, fuel and energy.

Social system in the game AirRivals worked quite well, apart from associations to local groups or permanent guild, players get the opportunity to compete with each other in the arena fighting which bring in huge plus rating and character. Thus, when the Bi start playing the game online AirRivals, each pilot a unique opportunity to prove to everyone that he is the strongest in the game. For all who dared to play AirRivals even given the opportunity to fight with the bosses, joined forces with members of the guild or fleeting native allies. Agree, very interesting solution for games, whose feature is the accessory shop with simulators.

If you have your whole life dreaming of heaven, do not loiter, because in order to play AirRivals, you do not need to install additional clients and registration AirRivals only takes a couple of minutes! And let the clouds will not be the limit for you!

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