Alternative names: ALAMANDI

Alamandi online game created for lovers of all kinds of puzzles, which are assembled in one place.

In order to play the game online Alamandi should download and install the game client. After you run the downloaded program, you will need to register. Join in the game Alamandi very simple. For starters, you need to read the user agreement and an agreement on the protection of data, and then select the option to create a new character. In the registration form Alamandi need to invent a unique name for a character, add a password and email, which can be useful if you forget your password. Next, dream a little, create our own game character, developing his image in detail: hairstyle, skin color, hair and eyes, the shape of the nose and lips, eyebrows bend, pick up clothes and shoes. Against this Alamandi online registration is over, and you get to the central square. After a little training you can begin to fully Alamandi play.

Online game Alamandi offer you to take part in eight different types of mini-games. The main feature Alamandi online is that thine enemies in the game are real people, not a computer.

Play the game online Alamandi best friends, you communicate with the game set up special functions. Moving around the city in a balloon Alamandi you using ingenuity and care, you can earn mountains of gold coins and precious stones, with which you can equip your garden and change your character during the game Alamandi.

Alamandi online game offers you choose to your taste of mini-games available. Turtles game is that you first folded into a bowl five turtles, collecting series of three or four chips for bugs that disappear.

Maze Game duel in its essence is a game of tag, where you need to hold the treasures of the wizard.

Game Collect and shatter is that you need to quickly collect all six figures, which were shown at the beginning of the match.

In the sheep run you need to manage a sheep, so she collected gold coins, which are found on the road and jump over obstacles.

In Memory wins who first removes from the field all the pairs of cards.

Bingo - a game based on the principle of bingo. The one who had his rivals to close a row vertically or horizontally, or a pattern that is red, or the entire card.

Casino game is an emulator of casino games: at stake are gems, and the players take turns.

Cat and mouse all the players are playing for the mouse. Play on the playing field with the dice. Mouse goes, if the bones fall 1-4, cat walks, if he rolls 5-6. If the team has brought the mouse to exit, the prize is divided between all team members.

Alamandi Play with real players as rivals and team appeal to all fans of mini-games. Once in the fascinating world of Alamandi, you are waiting for the real adventure and a lot of new and interesting friends.

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