Alba - A Wildlife Adventure

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Alba - A Wildlife Adventure is an incredibly cute adventure game. Stunning 3d graphics await players here. The world is sounded extremely realistic, and the characters are very funny talking. Music creates an atmosphere of fun and uplifting.

The game was created by a studio that has already released several masterpieces, this game is no exception.

The main character's name is Alba. This is a little girl who is visiting her grandparents on a Mediterranean island.

There is nothing more exciting than spending the summer in a tropical paradise. Together with Alba, her friend Ines also came to the island.

They have a lot to do this summer:

  • Need to get to know all the inhabitants of a small island
  • Explore every corner of the territory
  • Study what animals, birds and insects live in this place
  • Help the inhabitants of the island

And of course, have fun and enjoy exotic views.

Arriving on the island, the main character receives an interesting guide in which there are many different creatures inhabiting this paradise, and she decided that she definitely wants to see them all. This is not such a simple task as it might seem, because there are dangerous animals in the guide.

Alba is lucky and here and there she meets unusual birds or butterflies. She is a very kind girl and constantly helps animals solve their problems or even get out of trouble. Despite the fact that there are dangerous inhabitants on the island, they do not behave aggressively towards the heroine of the game and even allow her to help them. Ines often accompanies Alba on her campaigns and helps with tasks where one person can not cope. The island is located in the middle of the ocean and from time to time the surf throws garbage on its shores, which threatens the inhabitants of this amazing place.

Gradually, Alba gets to know more and more people living on the island. At some point, she comes up with the idea to create an organization called AIWRL. This organization, as conceived by the girls, will help the local fauna and flora.

Mostly kind and helpful people live in the local town, so the girlfriends manage to organize them for a good cause.

There is absolutely no hurry in the game, you can travel and explore the surroundings as much as you like. Every corner of this place is drawn in great detail and every fragment of the landscape is in its place.

The music is very pleasant and appropriate thanks to the fact that Lorena Alvarez had a hand in it.

Playing Alba - A Wildlife Adventure may primarily appeal to children, but adults may also want to spend some time completing simple tasks. After all, every adult was once a child, and many probably remember with nostalgia the summer holidays spent with their grandparents.

Alba - A Wildlife Adventure download for free on PC, it will not work, unfortunately. You can buy the game for a nominal fee on the Steam portal or on the official website.

Install the game and go on a pleasant summer trip to an exotic island where many adventures await you!

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