Alien Arena

Alternative names: Alien Arena

Game Alien Arena is both multiplayer and single-player computer game. In this game you will play the first-person. Alien Arena - it's not just a free shooter, but a whole series of games.

In the game Alien Arena registration will take you a little time. To register you must do the following:

1) Find the site of the game Alien Arena online.

2) Press the « Download ».

3) Select the resource you are interested.

4) Then you need to click on « Sing up » to create your personal account.

5) In the first line of the form appears, enter Usename - your name.

6) Then enter Your e mail - your email address.

7) Then write Your password - your password. It can not communicate with others.

8) Then write Confirm password (re-enter your password). It is necessary to confirm it.

9) Click on « Create an account ». By pressing this button, you agree to the license agreement, the site and its policies.

Play the game online Alien Arena can only grown users. The power of their computer must meet the requirements that brought the game:

AMD Duron 1000 + or Intel Pentium 3 1. 0 GHz - Processor (CPU).

256 MB - RAM (RAM).

NVidia GeForce 2 MX ( or ATI Radeon 7xxx) - Video (VIDEO).

700 MB - Hard disk drive (HDD).

Welcome higher computer settings than those described above.

Game Alien Arena can download the game for free any Internet site that provides this feature.

In the game Alien Arena online, if you select a single-user mode, you'll fight against bots.

In Alien Arena you will see a battle between extraterrestrial beings, people and real robots.

The main mode in the game Alien Arena - it Deathmatch. The purpose of this mode is to destroy all enemies.

Below is presented the various maps, advanced weaponry and an entirely new menu.

Alien Arena Game developers have provided you with the opportunity to meet with the instructions for the game, which is available in PDF format on the game's official website.

Alien Arena Game interface developed in English.

One of the weapons are:

1) blasters - it is a fantastic weapon that is most often used players.

2) Rocket Launcher - fires rockets that can make the brain to any stranger.

3) gun - one of the fashion weapons.

But this list is not limited to weapons.

Alien Arena - it's bright and spectacular special effects, amazing gameplay, fantastic sea weapons and characters, as well as an incredible amount of experience.

Select for a comfortable game mode (single or multiplayer) Alien Arena online and start the exciting adventure.

Conquer the world Alien Arena online yourself, or with your best friends. Be sure that you necessarily get it and no monsters with your incredible strength and tenacity not cope.

Enter the world of Alien Arena!



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