Alien vs Predator

Alternative names: Alien vs Predator

Alien vs Predator game - it is a fantastic action movie-style action game in which the action takes place in the first person. It's a fun shooter, which are available as single-player and multiplayer modes. There are three interesting plus memorable campaign playing together. Much depends on the choice of this or that character. The game's plot to some extent based on well-known film "Alien" and "Predator." Project developer - the company Rebellion Developments, and the first publisher - Sierra Entertainment. Those who will be playing Alien vs. Predator, will participate in the legendary war between two known scientific and popular characters. You unforgettable moments of hunting in the jungle. In addition, you can win surrounded by swamps colony. Do not deny yourself the pleasure! One has only to download the game Alien vs. Predator, select the desired character and adventure do not keep you waiting!

What exactly is a game Aliens vs Predator? Here are a few important features that affect gameplay:

- Use your own game engine;

- Dynamic lighting maps that are often useful player;

- Excellent, and most importantly relevant, sound, creating an atmosphere of anxiety;

- High quality video Alien vs Predator game with vivid special effects;

- Ability to save at any time.

So, once you have decided to try what it is to survive in such a dangerous world, take the hands of Alien vs. Predator weapons, courage and stock up ahead. You can play for one of the following characters, which by itself is reflected in the style of games and events happening around. Well, get acquainted: Man (Private), Managing Colonial Marine. For a man path starts from the station, where he forgot his, when the attack strangers. All human life - it is an endless race and fight for survival. He will get out of the station and escape from the surrounding creatures. He - is the object which is constantly being hunted, so we can not relax for a minute. The following characters - Alien, whose main task is to protect the hive from the Marines, and then try and get to the station Marines. In this case, the player assumes the role of an ordinary Alien. And another character - Predator. He leads the hunt for the Marines to return their stolen ship. But he often falls prey to strangers, so have to fight with them. It happens that the Aliens, Predator smelled and go on his trail. Have to seek shelter and eventually try to make up for the lost strength not to become a victim eventually. Each of these characters their own ways of dealing with enemies and special weapons, which helps to survive in endless battles. You can pass a single company for one of them, and then take up the multiplayer modes. It will be awesome! You'll see, you just can not tear myself away from the game! Good luck!

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