Alice Madness Returns

Alternative names: Alice Madness Returns
Alice in Wonderland game that gained success with many Internet users. The plot of the game is that Alice fell into Wonderland and now she needs to reveal all its secrets, unravel all the secrets. You have to look for different Alice hidden objects, solve all the puzzles. Your main task - is to go to your goal. Game Alice in Wonderland, you can download from any site that provides such an opportunity. Before the game, watch the trailer recommended Alice in Wonderland, which disclosed the brightest moments of the game. Play Alice in Wonderland you will, meeting most different characters. The main heroes of the game is: 1. Alice is the main character in the game. Alice - it just kinda girl who owns one capacity - get in trouble. 2. Mc Twisp is the White Rabbit, who owns the ability to stop time and freeze enemies. 3. Sonia is the Field Mouse. Mouse - it's very clever warrior who easily and with great speed deals with enemies. 4. March Hare is a powerful character who has the ability of telekinesis. 5. Mad Hatter has the ability perspective. 6. Cheshire Cat has the ability tinkering things invisible as well as visible. In the game Alice in Wonderland pc is incredibly beautiful and fascinating locations: 1. Flower Garden 2. Red Castle. 3. Mushroom Garden. 4. White Castle. 5. Tea Party. Alice in Wonderland game begins with the fact that you will find yourself in a circular room with doors. All doors lead to different levels. But you are now the most important thing - is to go through the smallest door. Ahead you will see a gate that something constantly open and close. Also you will need to mow the grass, split bench and collect lights. That you need to acquire new skills, and in order that you can rebuild their lives. Once you gather all the items you will need to go to the gate and stop time. You will need all the time to look for different signs to find your way. In many respects, the use of force should stop time. Before you appear different instructions that will assist in performing tasks. At the end you still meet Alice. Your task is to understand whether it is real. This will help you Abs. But for this you need to find it. On your way you will meet many enemies: the evil root, red knights, with whom you have to fight. However, you meet on the road and good characters, such as Rose - it will tell you what to do in a situation with Rosemary. During the game you will be able to use other characters ability to perform all sorts of tasks. Game Alice in Wonderland is an unusual and exciting. It is like players of all ages. Plunge into the world of Alice's adventures, which fell into Wonderland!
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