Alternative names: Allure, Glamour

Welcome to a fascinating fantasy world of Allure online!

Starting this world put Great Lord, having created out of chaos heaven and earth. Lord of the earth is inhabited by people, the sky cleared spirits. Then appeared on earth cunning evil magicians who found strength from a source that was called "the blood of the Great Lord." Mages obey the forces of nature, with their enchantments, magicians subordinated weak human mind. Clan spirits, proudly called himself "Lord of the body," despised mortals living on earth. Magicians and spirits fought each other for power over the world, and there was no end to this war, and there was in it a winner.

Meanwhile, people have created two powerful empire and took the world's fate in your hands. The decisive battle was won by the Yellow Emperor. Allied forces magicians, spirits and people who worshiped them, was broken, their lord was killed in battle. Strongest of the Magi was imprisoned in a magical vessel.

Nine centuries of people, magicians and spirits lived in a world empire of people has grown and prospered.

But over the centuries force spells weakened.

And cloistered magician, has become the embodiment of evil forces, eager to freedom, eager to destroy and enslave the human race is a wonderful world, which encompasses Allure online game.

Where is the brave warrior who defeated the forces of evil? Where is the wise magician who tame evil spirits and enemies will plunge into dust? And where is the wise general who will lead an army of men into battle and save the world from destruction? Maybe that is you become the hero and savior of this beautiful world?

Allure online game has a very modest system requirements

  • Intel Pentium IV 2,33 GHz
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 128 MB Video Card
  • Internet connection

To begin playing the game Allure online, you must register your game character.

Join in the game Allure is very simple. In the upper right corner of the block "Authorization" click "registration".

On the next page, enter login (who coined the name of his hero), enter a strong password and its e - [ _20_] mail (acting - it comes activation code). You also need to read and confirm your agreement with terms of this agreement and rules of the game .

Click "Register". Allure online check passed.

To play the game online Allure, you need to choose a character from the followers of the three schools of magic and martial arts - three playable classes .

Cobo - masters of sword fighting, great attack and defense, able to tame wild animals, turning them into loyal friends and comrades.

Amrita - mighty sorcerers, they are subject to the forces of the Wind, Earth and Fire. Using charms and spells, they can instantly move in space and deliver crushing blows at a great distance.

Adherents po - marksmen, and possess the power of wind as well as a bow and arrows. Deep knowledge of philosophy and the ability to self-concentration make them unstoppable in battle.

Between the followers of different schools is a constant struggle for supremacy, each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Allure Online game gives you the opportunity to choose a pleasing character that will fit your taste and abilities.

Register Allure will reveal to you the immense fantasy world of ancient mysteries and wonders, created using the latest computer technology. Perfectly legible, bright and realistic landscapes vary according to season and weather. You will see how the flowers bloom in spring, summer heat and drought, the autumn leaves turn yellow and fall. In winter everything is covered with snow and ice and gets a few sinister, because winter - while the evil spirits.

Play Allure - it means explore mysterious dungeons fight terrifying monsters and almost invincible bosses . The victory has been difficult, but the rewards are great - magic artifacts , magic book , opening the way to new and new game locations, with new tasks and quests, new enemies and awards. Fight can be both alone and with a team of trusted friends.

Of course, the most interesting - it battle with other players singles matches and massive battles .

If you're tired of fighting, or simply want to upgrade your weapons and armor, you can try yourself in the role of a merchant .

Collect fist will and courage, invite true friends and start playing in Allure!

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