Alfa Empire

Alternative names: Alpha Empire

Alpha Empire online - strategic browser-toy for the attention of gamers exciting large-scale space battles for control of the galaxy Alpha. In this most fascinating and fantastic plot with stunning graphics of any style fantasy fans are simply not able to leave indifferent!

In order to appreciate the latest technology, which is made using Alpha Empire online game, your computer must meet the following minimum system requirements:

1. Processor: Pentium 133 MHz (or similar);

2. Internal memory of 16 MB;

3. Free disk space - 60 MB.

If all goes well, feel free to proceed to the registration form in the game Alpha Empire:

Enter login - name that you need to play Alpha Empire;

Valid email address to receive gaming news or password recovery;

Use a password;

Confirm password;

Enter English words shown in the image.

Pressing "Start Game" Alpha Empire stage completes online registration. The next stage - the choice of in-game races, brief descriptions of which you can see on the official site before go to the registration page Athanaton:

1) The Terrans (they - people) - most young local race, but has already announced its intention to control space territory. A distinctive feature - a combination of armor / power / speed - allows them to conquer vast stretches of space.

2) Ksenoborgi (beetles) - perfectly adaptable and numerous race, in which Alpha Empire play quite interesting, as they recovered faster than all health and energy, have the greatest spread of damage and their ships - the cheapest.

3) Drakkar - highly ancient but non-human, race. Consider themselves superior to other races, which, in their opinion, almost no different from animals. Most suitable for those who intend to attend the game, not more than 1-2 times a day as ships Drakkar store energy slowest, but many. Also, if you do not aspire to play the game online Alpha Empire by frequent attacks on foreign lands, but just want to peacefully develop in their system, only resorting to forced defense - this race will suit you best.

So, you have decided on the "popular" and started to finally play the game Alpha Empire online. What you'll see in the first place:



Several asteroids.

At this point you will be in the household sector ("Metropolis") - your personal space, but you get where no one can. Main same action game Alpha Empire Online unfolds in common galaxy consisting of a plurality of sectors, which accommodate from three to seven planets each. To get to the general galaxy, open portal and send it through the colonizer.

Most importantly, what is worth remembering:

In the metropolis can not get no one but you,

Weak-through portal can pass only the colonizer and reconnaissance;

You can sit all life in the metropolis, but most likely, you'll get tired of it. Establish colonies! Especially without colonies, the game will be meaningless;

Map you can not find your system simply because it is not there.

The order of things, which dictates the online game Alpha Empire, boils down to the following actions: save resources, to study the three-dimensional technology tree technologies to improve the planet and colonize new build fleet! Definitely something to do and where to grow, so ... welcome to space aboard!

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