Anarchy Online

Alternative names: Anarchy Online, Anarchy

Anarchy Online game is recognized by all MMORPG, which is set in the distant future on the planet Rubi-ka.


Planet covered the bloody struggle between the corporation Omni-Tek and the rebellious clans for control of the planet, as well as deposits notum (fuel for nanorobots). Start playing the game Anarchy Online you have as a resident of one of the planets in the galaxy provincial run by a powerful corporation.


Game Anarchy Online done graphically quite nice, it feels good that the developers worked storyline, and the music is well chosen.

Before you start playing Anarchy Online, you need to be registered. Join in the game Anarchy Online is the standard:

Requires a user name


To enter and confirm your password

Read the license and user agreements

If desired, you can subscribe to news updates Funcom. And if you're already registered in Funcom, then re-register you do not need, just jump directly to the second stage. In Anarchy Online registration includes the download of the game client. Download the original game client, and installing it on your computer, you will get access not only to the original game, but also to his additions Notum Wars, Shadowlands, Alien Invasion, Lost Eden and Legacy of the Xan.


When Anarchy Online registration is complete, you will be asked to create your character: to determine the fraction (Neutral, Clan, Omni-Tek), race, gender, unique skills and professions of the future character.


In Anarchy Online you can play for one of the four races. Homo Solitos more than any other identified with the modern man, and racial features will help players succeed in any profession, but they can not specialize in any one area. Atroksy - it sexless beings with great strength, stamina and dedication, so Strength and Stamina higher than those of other races, allowing them to be great fighters.

Opifeksy - a race created for intelligence and covert operations are characterized by high levels of Agility and Evades, which allows its members to evade most attacks.

Nanomagi - the youngest race, intellectually and mentally developed, but with limited strength and endurance parameters, which can only exist on the planet Rubi-Ka because of the specific activity of organisms.


Anarchy Online game takes you to the many, many years to come, in the city of the future where game characters move around the city in cars and aircraft, where every character is carrying a variety of weapons, including firearms, a complex of any useful and not only protective devices.


Leveling in Anarchy Online can be to some extent correlated with the medieval toy only, provided that you have to make purchases not magicians and various vendors, and automated stores and nanotech, instead of studying the spell will use brain implants .


In Anarchy Online, as in medieval games, you are waiting for the battle, team outings and a huge number of quests. In the game Anarchy Online you'll be able to face only a single problem: where to get a few extra hours in the day to spend on the game, as you immerse yourself in the world of Rubi-Ka once, you are unlikely to break away from her soon. Play online game like Anarchy fans as usual MMORPG, and fans of futuristic games.

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