Apache: Air Assault

Alternative names: Apache: Air Assault
It seems, with the theme of aircraft representatives Gaijin Entertainment has developed just fine. Looking at the projects created group will automatically start to think of these guys have a very real pilots aces. If the pilots in the team is not, then most likely, the developers seek the help of real professionals. Third our Apache: Air Assault review just can not imagine. The fact that almost all the games coming out from the pen of Russian developers are classy simulator. It should be noted that projects differ from each other and each of them is a great quality game that deserves the good reviews from critics and domestic attention of gamers from around the world. As you can see from the title of this project, Apache: Air Assault pc - another simulator that allows gamers to change seats at the helm of the American classroom fighting Apache helicopter. The project can be rightfully considered unique because no one company (domestic, so exactly) decided not to make a game simulator, which would be featured legendary Apache. The only caveat - the game Apache: Air Assault is a little different from all the studio projects that it ceded the leadership of traditional realism entertainment. Because the developers wanted to sustain the image, they decided not to enter the public misleading (because all the secrets of martial control Apache knows only pilot sitting at the controls of a helicopter, and therefore representatives Gaijin Entertainment just could not tell the whole truth gamers), accentuating her attention to classroom schedule spectacular battles and well-designed gameplay. In Apache: Air Assault can play in several different modes, including realistic also found a place. For more comfortable familiarity with the project created a training mode in which gamers will be able to learn all the important features of control, imagine a game in practice. In addition, the training regimen offers to try their hand in the battle. This helps to launch a successful gameplay - gamer will be ready for battle, not stushuetsya and can show their best side (as far as it can make a beginner). Of Apache: Air Assault video description realistic mode, we can conclude that it is different from the training is not too strong, the main difference - higher maneuverability. In addition, experienced players will appreciate the quality and cooperative game mode, which will give an opportunity to do an internship control helicopter with a partner (in this mode, gamers will be able to carry out the mission as a couple). For the beginning of the game, first of all, you need to Apache: Air Assault download. After that, to understand the features of project management will be easy. Look forward to an unforgettable adventure in Africa, Central America and Asia. Your main task now - the fight against international terrorism!
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