APB Reloaded Online

Alternative names: APB Reloaded Online

APB Reloaded online - new addictive multiplayer game, telling about the opposition gangs and police. Action game takes place in our time, and the user is given the opportunity to personally participate in the disassembly and affect their outcome.

Originally on nlayn game APB Reloaded developed by Realtime Worlds, but after the acquisition of Gamers First, it has been substantially enhanced and brought to the next level. In the development of the game participated by David Jones, who is the developer of the famous game GTA.

APB Reloaded online game has the following minimum system requirements:

- Operating system: Windows XP;

- CPU: Core 2 Duo 2. 13 GHz

- RAM: 2 GB

- Video: 256 MB Radeon X1800;

- DirectX 9. 0s;

- Free space on hard disk: 5 GB

- Internet connection speed: 512 kbit / s.

In practice, these parameters for easy gameplay may not be enough. APB Reloaded online game which has the following recommended requirements:

- Operating system: Windows Vista / Windows 7;

- CPU: 2. 4 GHz Intel Core 2 Quad or equivalent;

- RAM: 4GB;

- Video card: GeForce 8800 GT 512 MB or equivalent;

- Broadband Internet connection.

If the parameters satisfy the requirements of computer games can then be made p egistratsiya Game APB Reloaded . APB Reloaded online registration takes very little time and made as comfortable. For this online game you must select "Download", then it downloads the file "Zapuskatre." Once the file is installed on the computer, simply run it and follow the instructions. At this p egistratsiya APB Reloaded ends and can proceed directly to the gameplay.

AND gras APB Reloaded online allows a user to play for one of the two factions: CRIMINALS or ENFORCERS .

CRIMINALS - this faction of bandits, they are the initiators of crimes in San Paro. Bandits - these are guys who peacefully in well, does not live, and they constantly organize various disorders than cause a violent reaction police. Standing on the side of the bandits, the user will have to perform two main tasks of criminal gangs of the city. First job will not be very responsible, basically everything will be reduced to a carjacking and then delivered to the right place, drawing graffiti, theft of drugs, and the like. As all of these tasks, the authority of the player will rise, and it will be given more complex, responsible and dangerous job. Naturally, there will grow and reward for the work done. And grata in online game APB Reloaded bandits also interesting because of the diversity and originality of jobs obtained. For example, if at the beginning of the mission was put job just steal and take the car to the right place, the job can then be supplemented significantly, depending on the situation in which there was a player. And of course, this situation will need to find out what is not always easy, but always fascinating.

ENFORCERS. And grata in online game APB Reloaded police - it means to protect and defend the town from outlaws. The duties of the police catch criminals included, that is not so easy. Not everyone goes to effectively catch criminals. Playing for the police, the player will receive tasks from the agent Prentiss Tigers and Praetorians. Police work is very simple and not dangerous. For example, the task to deliver gold or large sum of money from point A to point B is difficult and dangerous. Despite the armored car and other enhanced security measures, it is possible that the precious cargo will be intercepted. Certainly bandits already know about the route and will be ready to attack at any moment. You can, of course, headlong rush straight to the desired point, and naedyatsya that bandits do not have time to react properly, but you can come up with a different route, then attackers will hunt him down much harder.

Graphics in this game the highest level, exactly how and mature management system.

Who in APB Reloaded play decide users. The only thing that we know exactly what play APB Reloaded will be interesting no matter who you're playing.

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