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Aquatico is a city builder in which you have to make the ocean floor habitable. The graphics are good, made in a realistic style. The music is pleasant and not annoying.

In the future, the actions of mankind have led to the destruction of the earth's ecosystem. The survivors are forced to seek salvation in the depths of the ocean.

Help the survivors start over and restore civilization.

The controls here are not difficult, but even if you don't often play these games, a little training at the beginning of the game will help you figure it out.

After that, start surviving in the inhospitable depths of the ocean.

Building a submarine is a difficult task, but building an entire city underwater is hundreds of times more difficult.

The best way to play Aquatico is to take your time and think about your every move.

  • Explore the depths for vital resources
  • Build production buildings underwater
  • Unlock and apply lost technologies
  • Build a community residence by building a dome

Of course, at the very beginning you will only have a small underwater base with people huddled in very cramped buildings. In order to improve the situation, the first step is to send expeditions to explore the depths and search for minerals. After you establish the extraction of the necessary, you can begin to gradually expand the base. The ocean is a unique place, depending on the depth there are very different conditions and water temperatures. It is better to place the population under domes closer to the surface, and build industrial facilities deeper under water.

It will be necessary to build enough drones and vehicles that your people can use.

It is necessary to take care of protection as well. Many creatures live in the depths of the sea, and not all of them will be happy with a person, and some will be happy with the appearance of abundant food.

In addition to exploring for fossil deposits, expeditions can study depths by monitoring temperature. The unique items found by the pioneers, as well as rare earth elements, will be of great help to the settlement.

The bigger your city gets, the deeper you will have to dive into the ocean in search of what you need.

Try not to disturb the underwater life, otherwise you will provoke the local inhabitants to large-scale attacks.

The technology tree is very extensive and branched, at certain stages you will have to make a choice between different development paths. There is no better way, it all depends on your play style.

In the later stages, you will need to think about leisure for the inhabitants of the settlement. Open cafes, sushi bars and even cinemas. This will brighten up people's lives and improve living conditions.

If you can choose the right priorities, you will definitely be able to develop an underwater civilization to a state where life on the surface left behind will not cause nostalgia in people.

Aquatico download for free on PC, unfortunately, will not work. The game can be purchased on the official website or on marketplaces.

Start playing and find out what secrets are hidden in the vast depths of the world's oceans!

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