Arcane Chronicles

Alternative names: Arcane Chronicles
Today, the game Arcane Chronicles is in beta testing, so to talk about something more or less specific can only lucky ones who got into the series testers. Currently the project is just adapted to the European population, so soon learn about all its features in detail can almost anyone. Arcane Chronicles online - a new browser-based fantasy game, which is made in the best traditions of the genre MMORPG. Download any additional files and customers do not have to, and proceed to the gameplay will be immediately after registration. Even from a few video trailers that appeared today in the network, it can be judged that the game really is a quality representative of its own genre. Project schedule was pleasantly surprised - despite the fact that the game is in full swing hostilities described violent confrontation of different races, it looks all very biased. Soft colors, eye-catching animation and elegantly traced the characters - all this sets players on an appropriate atmosphere. Arcane Chronicles online offers gamers make a short excursion into the past. Times magicians and sorcerers, brave warriors and archers, shamans and zhutchajshih monsters. The draft will be submitted to several classes to choose which will be before the gameplay: Warriors - brave heroes who are ready to conquer the power of the sword and freedom for its peace and uphold justice. Magee - characters, which are subject to all, without exception, the types of magic. Shamans - the most mysterious characters who are able to control the various forces of nature. It is also assumed that each of the character classes will be three main branches of skills that during gameplay gamer will be able to change and improve. Now open for those wishing to Arcane Chronicles registration for beta testing. Even at this stage, while the adaptation of the project for the European gamers still carried on was to understand the management of the site, you can easily, even without the services of an online translator. Because the project is multi-user, then traditionally everyone can gather in clans and teams trying to win over the most powerful enemies. As with most games in the genre of MMORPG made in Arcana Chronicles will present opponents have different strengths. By the way, the developers of one of the press conferences let slip that play Arcane Chronicles will be fighting with 300 different types of monsters. And if the small monsters every gamer, in principle, be able to cope on their own, the giant bosses too tough for even the big teams. In addition, all players will be able to try their luck in duels - battles with other gamers alone. This kind of battle is especially important for beginners who are vague idea what to expect from the project and how do you can play Arcane Chronicles.
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