Alternative names: ArcheBlade

ArcheBlade game is multiplayer game, which was developed by Korean experts. In ArcheBlade You will play in the third person.

In game ArcheBlade registration is fast. To register in the game ArcheBlade, you need to specify:

1. Your user name.

2. Write e-mail address and password.

Play game ArcheBlade you selected on the side fighting against each other.

Game Archeblade used special tricks and combo that you to find arcade game with fighting. You will also participate in team play with strategy elements.

In an online game you can play ArcheBlade one of ten characters represented:

1. Renoah Collintz - her incredible power of perception of space. Her specialty is to kill, although as a scout Renoah Collintz it shows itself more than perfect.

2. Elika Bayer is a dark elf. It owns an insurance company and other businesses. She is accused of creating a universal weapon.

3. Gaspar la Velfanar - it belongs to a clan of dwarves. It belongs to the Empress priverzhenikam Darkness. This character was able to predict your future.

4. Cezanne La Gatal - before he was an undercover investigator. He possesses powers of dark magic. His real face no one will ever see, because he decided to change his appearance. He is also a subordinate of the Empress of Darkness.

5. Elrath Nazaruth - she lived in the Kingdom of the Elves, which create love and devotion. She has a strong magic and is the enemy of the Empress of Darkness.

6. Dan Mei is a giant warrior tribe. He fights on the side of the Empress of Darkness, because in difficult times she saved his tribe.

7. Tiac Thompson Jr. Senior General is the seventh league. He always obey the law and to make rational decisions. But, despite this, he was very rude and cruel. Tiac Thompson Jr. knows magic and martial arts owns.

8. Dick the Megaton is Senior General Jean. He was born with the blood of the damned, but, despite this, promised to create righteousness in the world.

9. Renny Rich'Lich is Senior General Odessa. It owns the magical powers of magic and is a teacher in the Odessa Academy. Its also believe spy.

10. Valle Estrada Draco Emperatore is the great-granddaughter of General Dragons. It is considered priverzhenikom seventh league. Now she shirif.

All of these characters have unique abilities.

You can play the game ArcheBlade online, if your system meets the following requirements:

1) Intel Core2 Duo 1,86 GHz - processor.

2) 2 GB - RAM.

3) 2.5 GB - HDD.

Together with his friends in an online game register ArcheBlade free to give the lead time is even more fun.

Follow all the goals at a high level and thus earn success in the game ArcheBlade. Good luck to you in this incredible and exciting battles!



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