Alternative names: ARGO

Many games try to shape a future that awaits our world after the apocalypse. ARGO game offers to see the world through the prism of magic. According to the developers of this version of the game, the future of the universe is not without magical intervention, although certain positions in this game are ultramodern technologies and discoveries.

It's about the big bang and the mutations that caused the emergence of the world from the perspective of two strange human beings ...

The laws of the fantasy genre, the game ARGO offers very bad history. The gist of it is that after the catastrophe of universal scale of humanity simply ceased to exist as a class and morphed into other races. These are the two main types of the future inhabitants of the Earth. The first inhabitants - peaceful light beings who worship the gifts of nature and its beauty, seek harmony and being in general not very recognize technological progress. These children of nature contrasted with the second race. Here is all built on the equipment, technology and relentless pursuit of progress. This race has gone through a universal cataclysm in the bowels of the planet, so that the search for the eternal harmony alien to them. But they worship scientific technologies and believe in what your hands and without the aid of natural forces will create a perfect world. Such is the conflict in the style of the worlds physicists against lyricists, in fact, offers

ARGO Online game. Which of the worlds pritknete you? Because now your turn.

In ARGO Online registration will not bring you the hassle, unless you have access to the worldwide web and e-mail address. Enter the name in the appropriate field of your future character, password, e-mail - that's all that you ask for a game. Furthermore, it will prompt you what to do.

Begin to play the game online ARGO can be in one of eight crafts. Your character can be a brave defender, brave warriors, savvy Adept Alchemist wiser, fearless tamer masterful Medic, Sniper, or a well-aimed cunning saboteurs. Immunity and quite powerful fist developers gave Defenders, Warriors and, alas, the saboteurs. But to-hand combat abilities, oddly enough, endowed Physicians and Tamers. They katsti work not just with some ferrets, but with real fighting breeds animals. In turn, Snipers, adepts and alchemists - big fans of gunshot fights and get involved in a fight with them without too much on that occasion experienced gamers do not recommend.

In ARGO can play everyone who likes to constantly get in trouble and fight in various battles. They, incidentally, may be several. You can go on raids with other players. So you can get acquainted with all those who, like you, live in peace Argo. You can visit the various auctions. From there go lucky traders with very bad catch, it's a great way to replenish their stocks of necessary things. And the game gives you the option to choose a, say, fellow game. Yes, we are, of course, about the wards. They can simply choose - weighing all their wishes, pick up the one that will accompany your character the whole game.

But if you caught the enemy, you will receive compensation in the form of award points. But if death overtake your character, you will need to deduct these points as a penalty. Alas, such is life. Interestingly, in Agro has one funny move - one on one battle, in which no one dies. So Duelists can not think about the death penalty charges for and fight like anything. Did not like the character - a duel it!

Amateur technocratic life and thirst for philosophical harmony with nature, there are two warring between a class on venture development and in terms of the game, can not be thrown together by the word. So even if you really want to say something unpleasant to the enemy, will not work: these are the rules.

And finally on the schedule. It is very interesting and contrasting. There developed many locations. Say, you can wander through the caves with peers and dungeons, there, you see, and you will find something useful. In underground structures ideological developers hidden treasures like play money. But we wish you to find not only the in-game currency, but also to find the most important treasure - a fun game

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