Arma 3

Alternative names: Arma 3
We begin our review of Arma 3 with an interesting fact. Most likely, you, as an experienced gamer, heard of a project like Operation Flashpoint. is the brainchild of the famous studio Bohemia Interactive, which has managed to win the recognition of multi-million audience in just a few days after the official presentation. Recall that this is a cool tactical shooter that, perhaps, did not look the highest quality in terms of graphics and some animation elements, but was mega realistic. In fact, thanks to the last factor game and managed to win gamers from around the world. Few people know that the game Arma 3 - a logical continuation of a favorite of many rulers. The fact is that because of some quite understandable legal disputes we had to rename the favorite shooter Armu. So, to present you - before you continued the very cool and realistic. Previous part of the project also contained a large quantity of various additions and improvements, and this game allows us to derive the more line to a new level. Arma 3 game - has become more strategic, but because fans of the genre can be stored safely for testing. We consider it our duty to warn you that the project is done quite complicated, so absolute beginners it may be "too tough" - the best pre-workout on the previous parts. Immediately after the official presentation of the project was a few basic tasks, mission editor and the ability to play with friends. The developers decided to tie a small affair, dividing the main storyline campaign on three episodes, which they presented for several months. Thanks to this course at all stages in Arma 3 can play interesting and exciting. To initiate game play, just as in the case of the previous project beforehand have to download Arma 3. The third part of the developers finally decided to fully translate the game platform Steam, but because downloading will not have any problems. Whatever the real value of the game, do not despair, you know that the portal regularly shares and significantly reduces the cost of most of their projects. Friendly and responsible company Arma 3 - the key to success. Fine, if you have friends like that, who fully share your passions, but even if you do not have those, do not get upset - there are comrades in the project themselves. The plot of the project states that the peacekeepers from the United States attacked in one of the largest Mediterranean states. Part of soldiers killed immediately, the other - who is saved, but the protagonist is among those who managed to survive, but I was unable to leave the enemy territory. Of Arma 3 video trailer, you learn that with a minimum of ammunition and weapons of a small detachment of former peacekeepers led by the hero to defend their freedom and honor.
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