Armored Warfare Project Armata

Alternative names: project Armata

Armored Warfare strategic simulation of tank warfare3^^

the release of a developer is preparing a new game Armored Warfare, is a multiplayer online simulator tank battles. Fans of warfare with the help of military equipment will have created great game schedule is worked out to the smallest detail, and the number of equipment exceeds all similar projects.

Armored Warfare is a simulator in which the player can have:

    ^^9 different military equipment and artillery, ^^9 united into clans with friends to better combat capability, * 9 * train and pumped combat vehicle crew,
  • temper in combat crew commanders and transplant them from machine to machine.

In addition, players have the opportunity to build and defend your own base. Each building on a military base brings bonuses, accelerates the process of pumping equipment, weapons or crew. Players can coordinate their activities, playing together with a text chat online, to develop a joint strategy and tactics of warfare.

Leveling technology happening in the hangar, and the card fighting in open landscapes, can fight in all seasons, winter, summer, autumn and spring. Almost all the scenery, bridges and structures on the map of military confrontation can be blown up and destroyed. Just locations are divided into fighting in the open countryside and the urban battle.

The game does not imply the division of the countries fighting vehicles developers, the player is given a few suppliers, from whom he can buy different types of equipment, manufacturers of different countries, so one database can be located and T- 90 and the Leopard 2.

Players are invited to download Armored Warfare to get an unforgettable experience and a nice time, feeling like a real winner in modern warfare.

1^^Review of military equipment Armored Warfare^2.3^

developers give players a wide range of choice of technology for the purpose and role on the battlefield:

  • Battle tanks - is the most reliable and useful technique, they are well-armed with excellent armor. A couple, three levels of combat experience and, after appropriate pumping they have a technological equipment, missiles control with which you can destroy the enemy, even if he is hiding in the shelter. To protect the effective use of smoke protection, which will quickly move away to a safe distance after detection.
  • ^^9 armored combat vehicles in the game are mainly used for reconnaissance. These include a very different military equipment. Wheel scouts poorly protected and heavily armed, but they develop more speed, control them difficult, but with the appropriate skills and much artillery can pull enemies. ^^9 Infantry fighting vehicles slower than the reconnaissance car, but equipped with more powerful weapons and can cause trouble even tanks and armor of the above, it can withstand multiple hits. ^^9 Tank Destroyer - speed machines on wheels with thin armor and a major tank weapons. Their presence is necessary for shoot -and-run strategy to combat ambush, but the life span of a vehicle is very short. ^^9 Artillery - fighting fires from the rear, lighting and smoke missiles.

The game Armored Warfare buy a pack party beta, which will give the player a chance to see and play the first, reserve a nickname, to get gold and premium status in the allotted amount of time to receive the unique crew commander and war machine pioneer. Feel strategist and hero of armored warfare.

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