Assault Fire

Alternative names: Assault Fire

Assault Fire online - free multiplayer fantastic game of military subjects, the events that develop in the future. The project was created by Tencent Games. Developers have tried to make sure that users are simply stupid from incredible adventures. Players will be transported in 2018 and take part in the war between the two factions. Resistance and GSDU meet in heated battles in the Midwest. It is in this area is the development of history. Thanks to a modern and high-quality graphics engine Unreal 3 Engine, everything that happens around captures its realism and dynamics. To start you will be given two characters, each of which belongs to the different factions. Over time, you can buy for yourself and other soldiers in the appropriate store. Together with their heroes, you can experience a lot of shocking events, experience with unprecedented outbursts of emotion and really spend their leisure time the most pleasant way!

Most ordinary Assault Fire registration will take you on a colorful locations of the game. Looking around, you can join in the fighting, first selecting the one to find the most suitable. Assault Fire can play in such modes as PVE (battle against computer bots and the performance topical tasks), PVP (epic battles on a large battlefield, that may involve several thousands of players simultaneously) and PVP-X (unique battles with different rules and unexpected situations). Let's take a closer look, what kind of characters appear in all these battles. As has been said, they are divided into two camp. GSDU resistance - a military contingent of soldiers for the purpose of defense. Such elite heroes like Max, Jason and Ivan are capable of much, they are easy to pin down any rebellion. The other side - the resistance. This rebels who do not agree with the rules of mega-corporations. Downwind, Cartman and Dell are among the best fighters. People gathered all the strength to defend their rights and to attack the government for such things in order. Even weapons and technology they have stolen. And what? After all, they need to survive and how you fight against arbitrariness megacorporations. The opposition of these two groups - it is something unheard of!

Regarding development heroes can say that they all have the ability to acquire and develop skills. The more skills - those tangible benefits during the next game. Here are a few examples. Quick change, regeneration, Adrenaline, Invisibility, Magic healing - these are just some of the skills of a long list of possibilities. You should follow the development of his characters to cope with all tasks set before you play Assault Fire. Missy are the following: daily quests, clan missions, mission rankings. By the way, to make it easier to cope with the forthcoming trials, you can join the clan. Cooperating with allies to play the game even more interesting Assault Fire!

And finally I would like to mention about the places, where it is all of the above. The game world consists of a set of cards that will be available for you to learn as you progress through the gameplay. Seaside town, USS, Plant 13, Quiet DOCK, Railway Station, Station Material, Black sanitation, Freighter, ICE fortress Storm Canyon, Horror City - each of these has its cards strategic points and prepares you for a variety of surprises. Proceed now to play Assault Fire free and you will not regret the decision. Good luck!

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