Astronix. Masters of the universe

Alternative names: Astroniks

To play Astronix: Masters of the Universe, you need these minimum system requirements:

• CPU: Celeron, MHz

• Resolution: 800x600;

• OS: Windows;

• Browser: Internet Explorer;

• Availability plugin: Flash-Player 7.

Also, to start playing the game online Astronix: Masters of the Universe, you need to be registered. Join in the game Astronix: Masters of the universe is as follows:

1) Come up with a nickname - the name of your character.

2) Choose the floor.

3) Enter the password.

4) Give the name of the future of the ship.

5) Enter an email address.

6) agree with the rules and user agreement.

Once all six items are made, check Astronix: Masters of the universe over.

Ever since mankind began to explore the vastness of space held for several centuries. In the face of neighbors to the Galaxy people met new friends and enemies. Each civilization hunted resources and tried to win more living space. Thus, the race began to slay each other - followed bloody wars put civilization people face total destruction. In one of the last war, the army of the warring parties had disappeared and were brought chaos. Mankind had to leave their habitual residence, said goodbye to the memories and the solar system and the Earth.

After a long time in the Galaxy calm has. But this star on the roads did not become safer, because were still avid hunters wealth, hidden deep within the planet. You have to find your way through the vast space and become a Master of the Universe!

In Astronix online Your main goal is to develop your character, create your own space empire, domination of the galaxy formation and you as the most powerful and influential in the galaxy.

After Astronix: Masters of the Universe registration, you will start your adventure with space station tau, which is in the star system. Your ship is armed with a small amount of tools and modules, which you can replace with the level of your character. To fly through the vast expanses of the galaxy, visiting different star systems, learning and exploring new planets, you need to earn money and experience.

The first to fourth levels will challenge your character development, gaining experience in battles with other players. To repair the ship and buy weapons, a special currency - credit. If the building has Vakantor job, you can apply for one of them and earn credit.

In Astronix online You have to develop a mine, build factories, developing the economy of the Galaxy. Each character in the boundless space seek maximum developing and improving your ship.

Broken ship can be repaired in the Dock, damaged housing can be changed in the shipyards, and in the shop you can buy weapons, equipment and military missiles.

The success of your game will depend on the following characteristics:

• observation;

• Body;

• intelligence;

• reaction;

• weapon damage.

Pumping all these options, you constantly improve your skills of your character.

Weapons in the game there are four types:

• plasma;

• Missiles;

• laser;

• Energy.

Game Astronix: Masters of the Universe Online allows each player to take part in various battles:

• group;

• clan - the clan against clan;

• chaotic - a group of soldiers is created randomly;

• single.

All the battles take place in the fields, which are composed of hexagonal cells. The whole fight takes place in steps. For winning the battle you gain experience points that increase the necessary characteristics of the character.

At each level to buy new weapons, new equipment, ships and opportunities. The game has a development impact of the economic component of the conquest of planets, obtaining resources, the development of production. When you reach level 32, you become a master of the universe.

Online game Astronix: Masters of the Universe will give you an unforgettable journey across the expanses of space galaxy!

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