Alternative names: Atlantica

Atlantica online addictive game with turn-based combat system. Here you see a pink-vanilla elves, fairies and leprechauns. The game combines the elements of shooter and strategy of incremental economic puzzle. Atlantica game allows you to learn the secret of Alcatraz imennno in search of the secrets you'll play off hordes of mercenaries, to develop their own city, manage skills hero. In order to start playing you need to install a client application size is about 30 mb With the current speed of the Internet it will take no more than 5 minutes, you're not sorry for 5 minutes for a decent game?. Atlantica online through a special program run "Zapuskatre", after which you can start immediately assess that game designers have worked on glory. Also online game Atlantic pozvolet register and start playing using an account on the social network Facebook. Join in the game Atlantic implies entering the confirmation code which will be sent to your specified email address. Now you are invited to choose a login and password for your account. Atlantica Online game has graphics that would be the envy Disciples, Lineage and other monsters igroproma. Join the Atlantic despite the apparent gromstkost not cause you problems, because each button is provided with appropriate comments as to help to fill. Poslevhoda in, you can choose one from the list of games that support "Zapuskatre" among them many well-known community games, where the game Atlantica Online is clearly not far behind. Coming all the items Atlantic online registration we are able to download the game client. Its size is 8 gigabytes, it certainly is a lot, but at current rates of Internet and the task is not impossible to get, the more that is very much on the size of the installer which affects the quality of graphics in the Atlantic beyond praise. We turn to the player interface and gameplay. Among the features of the game is to provide that this game combines all the best that we can take from the games of different genres. We can say that in this game are connected Heroes, Fallout, Disciples, Lineage, Renegade. So what do we have to do directly in the game. Battles occur incrementally, exchange blows in the game Atlantica Online occurs at intervals, which allows to consider your next move. You can operate as a hero, and he was subject to an army of mercenaries. If you do not have much time for the daily presence, but you want to take the top ranking and will not be satisfied with less, you can get the necessary resources by making a contribution to the development of the game. Atlantica Online registration is occurring in the game allows you to choose the name of nicknames, but does not affect the course of the game - all at your fingertips. play in the Atlantic - then manage your own town, which is located in a huge world where you can meet a variety of historical characters. The game takes place in a real world of real historical locations - Red Square, Big Ben under the dial, etc. Ogronmye army siege of cities that play the game Atlantica Online, you can also develop as a couple and make alliances, associations, to make the treacherous attack. play the game online Atlantic allow you to develop skills as economic management, and tactical or logical methods. Particular attention should be paid to the development of your character, because a huge army without a leader will be defeated and run away like a flock of sheep without a shepherd. Well-developed system of trade and exchange of skills, which allows to obtain financial benefits and superiority in technology. We believe that you will play in the Atlantic and quite often you will be able to appreciate the work of developers.

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