Alliance of Valiant Arms

Alternative names: Alliance of Valiant Arms, AVA

Alliance of Valiant Arms достаточноновыйММОшутер. Distinctive features of the game - high-quality graphics and detailed drawing. The bottom line is the same, and what other shooters - you can quite often run fast and shoot game AVA will give you the opportunity. The game's graphics engine supports the enhancement, which enables advanced graphics capabilities. This dynamic game will not leave you indifferent if you like shooters and do not look for the game, where you need something long and careful thought.

The game's plot assumes that you will join the battle for world domination. In rivalry for dominance over the planet come two warring factions, clan, one of which you'll have to start. Battleground becomes a giant city-metropolis where on the streets occur epic battle.

Ammunition in very diverse, as well as the kind of fights in which you can participate. Due to careful and thoughtful image detail fight game looks spectacular, and watch the fights interesting not only to the participants but also the fans. The game will be interesting both for single soldiers, and a team player, due to the fact that in the game there as team battles and personal tasks for players. Selecting the appropriate mode, you can either enter the world of collective battles, either to fulfill the mission alone.

Character Classes AVA online [ _7_] are called Sniper, Assault or Command team. Specialty sniper understandable same attack is a master of combat at short distances.

Weapons in the game can not only make money, but also to buy in-game currency. Also in the game you can completely change the ammunition. Game AllianceOfValiantArmsпредоставляет chance to completely change the weapons in the game: the players available for butts, barrels and other items needed in the game. A feature of this weapon is that it can be modified and convenient to do for themselves.

To begin the game, you can as soon as passed AVA registration. Once you've learn to play, will be available for you a lot of bonuses. Since we are dealing with a shooter, the main bonuses you can get for shooting enemies. Besides playing, you pumped character will gain new knowledge and skills, and then the title. Gradually, during the game, game A. A. Enables play better: faster reloading, it becomes more convenient in view of diminishing returns. As a result, the character runs faster and better shooting.

If you want to play AVA , this game has a number of advantages. It's free, so it can play any. Shooter is a very popular version of the game that is loved by many users. The game worthy designed graphics, there are various modes of combat, and the total range of weapons has more than 70 units. In AVA play are as professional players of shooters and beginners and everyone will get their portion of pleasure.

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