Avalon Heroes

Alternative names: Avalon Heroes

Avalon Heroes Online - free multiplayer role-playing real-time strategy with the client. To combine the RTS and RPG genres project appeared but thanks neta expanses of alaplaya. In the game world you expect a lot of hot events. You have to fight with other players as well as legendary monsters. System exciting sieges, epic battles group, one-on-one confrontation - all these business card fun games. You will stand before the task - to pump your character, to do everything possible so that he became famous invincible warrior, collect money to buy powerful artifacts to make his mark in the history of the wizarding world. From Avalon Heroes play with the lower class, you will soon feel that you can more than be part of the hired troops. Striving for the highest class called the Imperial Royal Guard - natural, and you will certainly achieve the desired, if you become efforts. Demonstrate well-wishers to the envy of his courage and strategic mind!

Penetrate on colorful locations will unpretentious game Avalon Heroes registration. After create an account can download the client. Need to fill in a form that includes the following fields: username, password, Repeat password, nickname, email address, confirm email address, birthday, gender, country. Then, from the drop-down list to choose where you found out about the game. At the end of registration, please tick the box to confirm that they are not against dialogue with the administration and accept the terms of use of the product.

Well, what the system requirements? You, of course, want to know if it will install Avalon Heroes online on your PC. Here is a list of parameters relevant to clarify the issue: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista; processor P3 800 Mhz; Video 3D 32 Mb; DirectX 9 compatible. 0 c; RAM 512 Mb; 1 GB of free hard disk space.

Grasp play Avalon Heroes, you find yourself in the midst of a raging war. Two warring factions Oriens and Aeonia would not want to concede to each other. You can join one of them and take a direct part in all the battles occurring. In this game there is a good selection of modes, so you will be able to find the most attractive to you personally. Consider the available modes in order:

- Battle (Battle Mode) - battle mode for a large number of simultaneous players. This battle factions against each other.

- Arena (Arena Mode) - fights on maps arenas, to take part in are not deterred by the real heroes.

- Adventure (Adventure Mode) - a mode in which the player group of 8 people are waging a war against the fearsome bosses, using the tactical considerations of each participant.

- Lobby - mode by which you can wander around the city and learn about the proposals of other players.

- Square (Plaza Mode) - created for a peaceful place of respite. It is here that creates new guild, updated equipment and is time to talk friends.

It should say at once that each mode has its own tactical part. And as for all modes it is different, you have to constantly look for strategic decisions. So where will porazmyatsya brains!

Game Avalon Heroes allows climb to stardom, becoming a brave hero and prove their own superiority. At your disposal will be everything you need - artifacts, precious items, special equipment, battle suits. The main thing to try to get it all in use. Good weapons, brave heart and reliable allies - is the key to victory! Do not miss the opportunity to spend my time rapidly and fun. Captivating plot will leave no one indifferent - you will find a lot of pleasant experiences! Enjoy the game!

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