Avalon Lords

Alternative names: Avalon Lords
Avalon Lords Online - a unique virtual world that has a rich history. For many centuries the good name Avalon was watered with blood battles. The world is divided into several factions, each baptized fight, knows the taste of victory and defeat - four centuries of existence of the world had to endure a lot. Conditionally history of Avalon can be divided into several stages: the prehistoric age, Early Avalon, The Golden Age and the so-called "post apocalyptic" - the recovery period after the fall of the world. All events take place in the days that followed the collapse of one world into separate territories. For all gamers game Avalon Lords begins the same. After the start of gameplay gamer turns into the owner a small town, located on the territory of which its own garrison. The main objective of gamers - to expand their own possession, to try to build as many new buildings and even cities. Representatives of each of the factions more than anything else want to restore to its former glory. Each character is presented in the game - a brave hero, a hero who is willing to make every effort to make his name in history. Each order submitted in Avalon Lords online is steeped in history and culture. It comes from the history and conflict that safely transported into modernity. Due to the fact that the representatives of the orders can not find a common language, land of Avalon and exposed wars again and again. In Avalon Lords registration is open now, although the official presentation of the project has not yet been conducted. The date indicated on the site promises that access to the project will be opened very soon - on April 25. Despite the fact that the entire interface is currently represented exclusively in English, understand the specifics of the game control any more or less experienced gamer can easily. In Avalon Lords will be playing, performing all sorts of missions and tasks. Players will be available for a few weapons. Throughout gameplay and force of his character, and the power of weapons will be improved and enhanced. In the armies of gamers will present swordsmen, pikemen and knights - the backbone needed for combat. For newcomers to the project developed a special system of training, so right off the bat will not have to rush anyone. In addition, the show itself will be in the collective work - no multiplayer mode will not cancel! This project has high-quality graphics and gameplay wonderful - unfortunately any details say it is too early, however, can be seen from the trailers, the game promises to be good, actually. Can not argue, but to believe that gamers will enjoy playing in Avalon Lords, because it is a quality game that is able to captivate the long haul, we want. And soon everyone will be able to see this!
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