Alternative names: Avatarika, avatarika

Game Avatarika puts the player in the virtual world of carefree fun. Creating their own, unique character, the player opens any opportunity elite clubs, luxury cars, expensive shops and all that in real life is not possible, you can do Avatarika online.

Minimum system requirements are as follows:

· Processor - Intel Pentium 3 1,5 GHZ / AMD Athlon 1,5 GHz.

· Operating System [_22_ ] Windows 2000 / XP / 7.

· Memory [_22_ ] 512 MB .

· Video 32 MB / GeForce 2.

· DirectX 9. 0c.

· Sound Card.

· Internet connection.

Recommended System Requirements

· Processor - Intel Pentium April 2 GHz / AMD Athlon 2 GHz.

· Operating System [_22_ ] Windows 2000 / XP / 7.

· Memory [_22_ ] 1024 MB .

· Video 32 MB / GeForce 3 / Radeon 8500.

· DirectX 9. 0c.

· Sound Card.

· Internet connection.

Join in the game Avatarika consists of regular registration and downloading games

1. Entering the site, click on the word "Register".

2. Fill to open the table of personal data:

· Email address [ _7_]

· Password.

If desired, you can fill in additional fields, the full name and question 2, to restore the account in case you lose your password.

3. Avatarika After registration, issued by the client download link. Download the program to install and set up.

Before you start playing the game Avatarika, the player needs to "build" your character, choose his gender and external data.

All the while the player will play in Avatarika on his gaming account will come salary, which you can buy things, apartment and car.

On the map you can always find the city residents in need of assistance. After performing the tasks that they give, performing different, interesting quests, the player gets points prestige. The higher the prestige, the more salary character.

Play Avatarika fun, also because of the character meet all needs, basic human needs

· Satiety

· Courage

· Hygiene [_7_ ]

· Communication

· Leisure

To maintain a healthy and happy character, he needs food, socializing, sports and participate in competitions with other players.

Participating in the dance competition between the players, you can get one of twenty-one titles. Poborovshis good player will be awarded the highest title - "Divine Dance."

In Internet - shop or one of the salesrooms Avatarika game you can buy a cute puppy or kitten who somehow. Virtual pets are in need of care, attention and education in the same way as real. They too can be offended and spoil the interior of your virtual house.

To move through the huge city Avatarika, you can hire a taxi or take a ride on the subway. If you have a driving license, enough time and money, you can buy your car, but then have to understand yourself on the map, where and how to get there.

If the appearance of the avatar starts to bother, it can be easily changed without resorting to any surgical methods. You just need to log in to customize your character and change them at will.

Avatarika online game in which players can do whatever they want. On dozens of different streets with hundreds of shops and restaurants to be completely free, have fun bowling - center, go shopping, play mini-games or battle strategy Quasar, dance to your favorite music with your friends and compete with live opponents.

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