Aven Colony

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Aven Colony Survival simulator with elements of city building and military strategy. The game has excellent graphics, although this is not typical of this genre. The sound design is not inferior, everything is at a very high level.

In the distant future, when space flights over considerable distances became available, and the earth's resources were depleted, the earth's leadership decided to colonize the planet called Awen.

As you may have guessed, you are the one who will be the leader of this program.

In the game you will have many tasks:

  • Manage resource extraction
  • Build new settlements in different areas of the planet
  • Develop technology
  • Keep order and crime rate
  • Combat the effects of weather and protect buildings from native wildlife

The game is exciting, the developers have tried so that you do not have the opportunity to get bored.

Like many similar games, the key to success here is balance. Make sure that all the resources necessary for the life of the colony are sufficient, but do not forget about development.

The game has a change of seasons. The winter here is very severe. In addition to lowering the temperature, the inconvenience is caused by lightning, which is very active during this period.

There are cataclysms that are not related to weather conditions and seasons. For example, clouds of asphyxiating gas escaping from the bowels of the planet are not at all a rare occurrence.

There are epidemics of dangerous diseases, to combat which it will be necessary to build hospitals at an accelerated pace and work on a vaccine.

The climate varies in different places on the planet. In addition, there are differences in flora and fauna.

Fauna is not at all harmless and can attack buildings. You will have to build protective turrets, and even they cannot always protect buildings from gigantic underground worms that live in some locations on the planet.

Playing Aven Colony is not easy, but that's what makes the game so interesting.

The main building resource here is metal. It is used to build almost all buildings in the game.

A resource that is harder to obtain than other food. From the creation of crops to the receipt of finished products, a fairly long production chain.

In addition, you need a large number of warehouses to store supplies. At first, storage facilities are constantly lacking.

Working drones are not autonomous. Not far from the place where they work, there should be personnel who operate the machines.

You directly influence the life of the colonists. You can even change the length of the working day.

Quests will help your colony grow faster. These can be tasks for the extraction of a certain amount of resources. Or the construction of the necessary buildings.

If you have accumulated a lot of unnecessary products in your warehouses, it does not matter. You can exchange the surplus for the resources you lack.

Aven Colony download for free on PC, unfortunately, there is no way. You can buy the game on the Steam portal or on the official website.

Do you want to try yourself as the leader of a challenging space colonization mission? Install the game right now!

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