Banana Wars

Alternative names: Banana Wars

Banana Wars (Banana Wars online) - a fun online game in the style of "voynushki."

If you want to become the dictator of a banana republic, Banana War online game - for you! You can lead a daring band of mercenaries and thugs take part in exciting battles and exciting missions and various tournaments.

This online game Banana Wars does not require pre-installation, you can play it on any computer where you have access to the Internet. It does not take much space, so the game Banana Wars you can play even on slower machines. To start playing, you need only Register in the game Banana Wars.

Join Banana Wars is as follows: on the game site, under registration please enter your username (nickname) - the name by which you will be called in the game, select your gender. Then enter the E-Mail (e-mail address to which you will receive a confirmation of registration), select the name of the country in which you live, enter the password twice and click "Sign Up". Now you can start playing the game online Banana Wars.

At the beginning of the game you get your hands on a squad of mercenaries and will have to go through the "School of the Young Dictator" - that is, perform a few simple tasks that will help you get started in the game.

In order to determine who of the players cooler, you will need to participate in tournaments.

The next game - you need a good complement the existing squad and go into battle with a group of other players and get a win, money, and something useful. Money can be spent to increase the power unit, the acquisition of new units (ie hire new recruits to buy new vehicles (jeeps, tanks)), complement their gadgets - these are the elements that enhance the combat capabilities of the unit, (there may be no more than three per RUs). Then, after making technique and cured fighters can again join the fight and play on Banana Wars.

There is one feature - Banana Wars online game does not provide for the player to influence the course of battle, so you direct your squad into battle, and that your participation ends, your units do battle with enemy units. So in this game to win the one who is better prepared, faster and steeper improved its combat units, as well as those who had studied the enemy army.

The game keeps track of wins and losses and earning a reputation, you can move to the next level. To move to each new level you will again be asked to perform a variety of interesting tasks. It may take several attempts to execute them. But each level increases your opportunities and closer to the main goal.

With each new level increases the combat capabilities of your team, there are new types of units with improved performance, increasing their number.

Banana Wars online game where battles at different levels differ in how many fighters will participate in this battle and how many times can dismount your squad on the battlefield. For example, on the first level, the unit consists of 5 units, and they can land on the battlefield only once, and at levels above, dozens of units, and you can drop them off several times. By the way, the weak and strong teams in the game do not intersect, ie against your team will always stand by your opponent forces.

You can play the game online Banana Wars and enjoy a pleasant eye graphics, humorous style of play, a lot of interesting and exciting jobs tournaments.

If you want to have fun free time, then this game is for you! Simple, intuitive control the game, the opportunity to play on any computer with internet access (only requires a one-time registration Banana Wars, which only takes a few minutes), allow you to play, and communicate with other players.

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