Banana king

Alternative names: Bananaking

Banana King online - exclusive free online game that requires only a browser. Banana King online game is an original world populated by plantation owners, which is grown popular worldwide and very tasty product - bananas. To join them and start this fascinating work on their own field, you just need to register online Banana King.

Join in the game Banana King does not require any obligations, you just need to enter the following data: the character's name, password, email address, screen name of a friend who invited you to the game (of course, if you do not come, and such a friend available). Then you agree with the rules of the game and press the button Register a new account. After these steps, you get to the page of the game character status. On this page you can read the information on your game character.

Also here is the link of employment. Reference hiring help to find in the vast expanse of the Internet and new plantation owners hire them to work. If your invitation registers a new player, money and bananas are lawful for you reward. Do not ignore this opportunity. Indeed, for each new user can not only get a one-time bonus, but be of benefit in the future. When a player reaches the third level, you are entitled to $ 50 and 1 experience point. Play the game online Banana King is easier if your friends you invite a lot.

So, where do you start and what you should pay attention to? Join Banana King passed and you got into the possession of one field and seedlings, which should be enough for two. Do not waste another minute! Sow your field and expect to harvest. The images you see on the plantation, always keep you up to date on what stage of ripening bananas are, or may be, the field is empty and ready for sowing. Besides the bottom is a counter that shows how much time is left until the moment when it will be possible to harvest. Gathering ripe fruit, you can go to the market. But do not rush headlong back to hurry to sell their goods. Keep in mind that prices fluctuate. Therefore, it is better to follow these vibrations to choose the most opportune moment for sale. However, all exactly your profit is not always the same. Vytorg depends on the quantity of bananas sold, and the harvest is different.

The proceeds from the sales of money, as well as those that are awarded for invited players can spend in different ways. First, plantation requires investment. Constantly need to buy seedlings for the next sowing. They can be purchased in the same market. Processing one field need 36 seedlings. When they reach the 2nd level, you get access to buy a second field. Expand your possession, then it will be more likely to become a real banana king. Secondly, the money can hire agents and spies. With their help it is easy to sabotage. They can be sent to the territory of the competition for the exploration or even order them to steal another banana and dollars. But do not forget that you are not alone and there is a risk intelligent robbery of your plantation. Therefore, with the help of the same money, take care of reliable protection of their fields. Third, the money will be useful to study and improve the performance of the character.

Deal for what characteristics have to follow before you start to play Banana King. Because it affects the success of your game. Online game Banana King includes such concepts as time increase, harvest bananas, selling banana plantation protection, the attack on the plantation and experience. Improving response time rates, you will achieve the reduction of the waiting period of the crop. Vintage bananas - is the amount of harvested fruit. Selling bananas directly affect market prices. Protecting plantations - characteristic responsible for the quality of the guards and their cost of hiring. The attack on the plantation plays a role in the outcome of the mission conceived attacks and determine the necessary amount for hiring agents. Experience, which will acquire the holding play Banana King, will move to new levels.

Banana King online game offers you one more entertainment. If you have already coped with the necessary work, do not sit idly by. Why get bored if you can go on a treasure hunt? It's not just interesting, but also useful. There is a chance to find valuable treasure. You may come across seedlings, bananas, money and even pirate treasure.

Do not miss also the ability to communicate through messages with other players. So you'll be aware of the various news and perhaps alerted planned sabotage.

The game has a list of the best players. Raise your rating, you can use points. This requires to monitor the amount of your bananas. If you manage to become the first in the list, then you is a real banana king! Strive to leave the competition behind, believe that it is in your power!

Play the game online Banana King you can with a paid account. Its purchase will help to get rid of in-game advertising, provide an opportunity to upload an avatar for a character to get credit in dollars for each new level. The game can sow the field 6 times a day. The paid account allows you to do it 8 times. I think we should think about the profitability of its purchase. However, the matter is thrifty, and each one do just as you want. We can advise, but certainly not to force something to do!

Try to play this addictive game and yourself to appreciate its merits. Disappointment does not threaten you exactly! We can only wish that fortune smiled in all your endeavors!

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