Alternative names: Barbarians

Strategies - one of the most beloved gaming genres. The opportunity to implement in the project own ideas for the development of a small virtual world tempts many. Barbarians is a game full of adventure. Bright and dynamic, it simply can not leave you indifferent. These lands have long needed a leader, and finally you are on the horizon!

Where does your acquaintance with this game begin?

This is a great browser project, to start exploring with which you will not need to download and install multi-gigabyte client programs. The only condition that you will need to fulfill before you start playing in the Barbara registration. Adapted for Russian users, the interface will simplify the process of creating an account to a minimum. Right on the main page - registration form.

  1. In the first line, enter your valid e-mail.
  2. In the second free field, record a unique password for accessing your personal account.
  3. The last line is for login.

If you don’t want to do all of the above, you can simply log in to the game using your Facebook account details. And those who have ever had to deal with the portal Plinga. com, and you can even enter the game using previously registered data.

Start of the game process

Although the Barbarians game is fairly simple and straightforward, it begins with an intelligible and thorough learning process. So, you are a noble barbarian, a great warrior, who is to develop his lands, protect them and fight all evil in the area. You will need to do all this with a great deal of responsibility, because the well-being of the inhabitants of a small village now depends on you. Some buildings on your lands already exist. The heart of the village is a castle, so treat it with special trepidation. Do not forget to regularly improve all your buildings. So they will become more efficient and will be able to bring much more benefits and profits.

And don't think that you can play Barbarians without an army. Collect mighty warriors and train them regularly. The more you deal with your army, the stronger and more competitive it will be, and accordingly, the worse you look in the eyes of the enemy and the more you will be able to win. Another important task is the care and development of lands. Boulders and weeds will appear regularly in the free area. Remove them, getting bonuses for it. And to expand your territory of influence, explore new lands and occupy them whenever possible.

To not be bored in Varvara to play, the system will constantly issue you tasks. You can get acquainted with them in the panel on the left. For the passage of each mission will be able to get material rewards and precious experience points for further development. Everything you need for development you can buy in the store. Products here are divided into several categories:

  • resources;
  • defense;
  • attack;
  • decor;
  • shield;
  • treasure

Main Features and Resources in Varvara Game

The longer you play, the more you can achieve in development. The main game indicators that characterize any gamer are as follows:

  1. Crystals - the currency for which you can buy improved game objects.
  2. Workers are great helpers. They are well versed in various technological processes.
  3. Wood is a resource required for construction.
  4. Coins - the main game currency.

.Try to Barbarians online to earn as much experience as possible. This will help to upgrade levels and open access to new products and objects.

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