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Barkhan is a strategy game that you will surely feel familiar if you have ever played the famous Dune. Graphics in a classic style, but well-drawn and looks quite attractive. Makes you remember the old days. The voice acting and music are also similar to the games from the Dune era.

While the game is designed to evoke nostalgia among players familiar with Dune, those who have not had the opportunity to play the classic version will also be interesting to play.

In this game you will:

  • Build from the ground up and manage your base
  • Create a combat-ready army and lead troops during battles
  • Get resources while defending against the planet's aggressive fauna
  • Perform tasks required to complete missions

Before you start playing Barkhan, decide which of the three clans vying for world domination suits you best.

  1. The Power Clan has at its disposal the most powerful vehicles equipped with strong armor
  2. Will Clan has the fastest army armed with extremely accurate weapons
  3. The Trickster Clan relies on the latest experimental developments, combat drones, plasma weapons and strong aircraft

Choose which of the clans is closer to your style of play, or you can alternately go through the campaign with all of them after learning three different stories.

Success in the game depends largely on how successfully you can manage the extraction of the most expensive resource, a rare mineral that will bring you the wealth you need to maintain a strong army.

During the game, you will have to capture territories, hold them and monitor the defense of your base. The more resources you get, the more the enemy will want to take them from you.

The game has a plot consisting of a series of missions during which you will receive various tasks, the complexity of which will become higher and higher.

In addition to the hostile clans, you will be opposed by the hostile fauna of the planet, which is not easy to survive on. The most dangerous representatives of this fauna are sand snakes, which can easily destroy even heavy equipment. Although it is possible to kill these huge reptiles, it is incredibly difficult to do so, so it is better to try your best to avoid their attacks.

The vast deserts of the planet hide many secrets. By taking possession of some of them, you can gain a significant advantage over rival clans. Exploring the surrounding areas, although dangerous, must be done if you want to succeed.

The project is being developed by a small team, so the development is not moving too fast, but the game is already worthy of attention. The gameplay is interesting, addictive and time flies by during the game.

The game is currently in early access, but there are almost no major bugs and the story is very good.

By the time of release, things will probably get even better.

Barkhan download for free on PC, unfortunately, will not work. You can buy the game on the Steam portal or on the official website.

Install the game now and enjoy the classic real time strategy game.

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