Alternative names: Battles

Online Game Battle - free browser game that is available in many of the social networks. For example, you can enter through Facebook or VKontakte. To date, the rating games Vkontakte game takes 20th place and visit it every day for more than 50 thousand players. 3d shooter online battles with funky robots starring. You have to collect, manage, and repair, if necessary, to rejoice in their victories. This project reminds multiplayer long known game Quake3. And if you had to play the last, you will understand what I mean. Cheerful cartoon graphics and special effects perfectly pleasant promotes mood elevation and exciting gun tightened pretty quickly. Starting to play in Battle, you will soon realize that they are unable to break away.

Of course, you will need to register in the game battles, during which you let your name, email address, create a password and enter your username. By creating an account, you must tick the box to remember you, and agree with the terms of online battles. Registration battles will play an interesting game in your convenient time from virtually any computer minimum parameters:

  • Operating system Windows
  • 2GHz
  • 2GB RAM
  • Not less than 13gb hard disk space
  • A video card
  • Internet connection
  • The latest version of Unity Web Player

Then, by logging on to your page, you can easily download the game.

Card games are themed children's room and space, whence came our cute robots. You can go to different places, namely play on maps with funky names such as "box", "City on the table", "The Pit," "The Two Towers", "Platform 17", "Platform ZERO» , and others.

Play the game online battles you can in single player mode, or in a team together with his best friend. Try your hand, for example, in "Capture candy", "King of the Mountain" or "command to the command." During the passage you are typing experience (vymerivaetsya percent) and earn staples (in-game currency). With the new update clips now charged even for the fact that you apply daily visit exciting game. In addition, the game offers such battles ways of earning clips: inviting friends to the game, increasing the level of the game, for buying votes.

Robots in the game are composed of parts, each with its own function. So the robot arm designed to attack the legs give it speed, head increases the degree of approximation of the right mouse button, the armor is designed to protect, and the battery - it is the most necessary for life energy. You can create a unique robot and continuously improve his abilities.

As for weapons, Batla game proposes to use these types of automatic, gun, rocket launcher, plasma, electromagnetic, laser. Available grenades fall into shrapnel, smoke and stun. Do not forget about such a variety of armor and necessary kit. In the near future, the administration promises updates as flamethrowers and min.

Reaching the 4th level, you can feel free to join the clan (50 clips) or create your own (250 clips). The current rating of the clans - a great incentive to try to unite and how you can successfully play battles. Strong players will be in the first lines of the ranking list, and quite deservedly proud of its achievements.

All in the game 20 levels. Complete them all from start to finish and enjoy the wonderful features of the game that way, you can discuss it with your friends on the forum. You are just waiting for a positive experience! It only remains to wish you find a common language with robots! Good luck!

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