Battle carnival

Alternative names: Battle carnival

Game Battle Carnival: a new word shooter.

It can be said that 2016 was not in vain for the world of computer games. I managed to make a lot of fun at the client-side online shooter from Zepetto Koreans, in which the developers found an original approach to the design of the gameplay. The Battle Carnival game became the most anticipated in 2017, but for now the open beta testing continues with the heroes who began to express themselves in Russian, and professional actors gave them voices.

Already very soon everyone will be able to play the Battle Carnival game by joining one of the teams.

missions ahead.

To become part of the virtual world, you need to download Battle Carnival. Having made this simple but necessary step, get ready to conquer locations, master weapons, meet new friends and their images.

You quickly appreciate the sarcastic humor, woven into an interesting scenario. You will be able to turn into an idle observer to admire the dynamic battles between the teams, put huskies especially artistic kills and save episodes or the entire mission in the record.

Persons dexterously own different types of weapons, be it a knife, an icebreaker, a machine gun, or completely unexpected objects: women's sandals, a microphone, soda cans, and even slippers.

Ime in the arsenal everything you need, it's time to go on a mission. They pass in different locations, and have features:

  • Podtvryv one team mines, the second finds and neutralizes shells. Heroes can be resurrected, but only at the initial levels.
  • The art of war is a similar task with mines, and passive and active skills help the actors.
  • War technologies are looking for useful bonuses in the territory and destroy the members of the enemy team.
  • Dying to die is easy when you know that you will resurrect immediately after death.

Skoro to the already existing modes will appear new:

  • Diversionary maneuvers again we hunt for bombs laid by the enemy in the perimeter, using cold weapons and fire arsenal as needed.
  • Tactical undermining find auxiliary artifacts and demining the terrain.
  • The standoff resembles the Undermining, but with teams of 3 people each.
  • PVE still in development.

Personals cards in hand.

To explore the available locations, you have to decide who you want to play in Battle Carnival. Now you are part of a team that includes 8 people, and you need to act harmoniously, going in search of artifacts in order to temporarily improve your talents: energy protection, acceleration in the run, a powerful grenade launcher or a portable radar that allows you to see the enemy even through walls.

Capabilities are useful when you participate in the next mission, wandering through multi-level cards:

  • Forced landing of an airplane in the mountains
  • Secret Mansion
  • Dale of Death
  • Provence
  • Fish Market
  • Forest logging
  • Strength
  • Casino
  • Desert Storm
  • Volcano Mouth
  • Cargo Ship
  • Vodokanal
  • Arsenal
  • Library

You also waiting for a difficult choice of character. Difficult because everyone is so attractive that it is impossible to decide right away who one wants to become, a strange clown with the ability to become invisible; agent Papi with a talent to transform into any object on the ground, even in the trash; seductive scout Natasha or sexy blonde sniper.

Dressed, they are also noteworthy: tight slacks, clown mask, military camouflage and cowboy hat. Start your Battle Carnival registration and choose your virtual identity:

  • Natasha
  • Cindy
  • The Lady
  • Rumble Jack
  • Rhino
  • KillJoy
  • Papi
  • BigBoy
  • Queen
  • Phoenix
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