Battle of Crowns

Alternative names: Battle of Crowns

Game Battle of Crowns - a computer game, where fierce battles take place on the rebellious Caribbean.

If you are a realist, dealer or remote pirate, then join a new free game.

Battle of Crowns online - this building strategy that will attract you with its features. You will plunge into countless battles for dominance over the Caribbean Sea, and introduce its efforts to fame and fortune.

In the Battle of Crowns registration presented in German. Russian interface for this game is not yet done.

In order to register online Battle of Crowns you will need:

1. Search this website.

2. Click on the main page of the site in the top right corner of the button « Registrieren » .

3. Enter your unique username for this game.

4. Write your emeil address.

5. Come up with a combination of a password. Thus it is desirable to use both numerals and letters.

6. Choose your game world.

7. Read the information, which is described below. If you agree to put a mark in the appropriate boxes.

8. Click on « Registrieren ».

Play Battle of Crowns you can without thinking about the power of your personal computer. For this game the main thing - it's an Internet connection. It is desirable to have a high-speed connection.

In the Battle of Crowns to play you will, establishing its first colonies, mine resources, trade with other players and advance gradually from the initial level of civilization in a barren mighty empire Iceland.

You'll see just as spectacular naval battles occur. You have to use the ancient merchant ships to defeat the enemies of other fleets in the tactical battle on the water.

You will be able to get a great honor and glory, when you continue to strengthen its own colony.

During the adventure Battle of Crowns Online, you get access to a total of six playable factions. These associations include the historical colonial states, independent dealers and lawless pirates. Fractions differentiate in terms of gameplay, select the units, as well as the game as a whole.

While the colonial state in the Battle of Crowns, most interested in the rapid development of its colonies, greedy pirates to keep your eye on the resources of other family members.

Ultimately, the game you will receive special awards, which are intended upon successful completion. They provide the maximum incentive to continue to play - for beginners as well as a fascinating strategy.

Battle of Crowns is a free game, and it can be reproduced in a hardware-optimized version on multiple platforms: for example, the browser PC, smartphones and tablets.

Battle of Crowns Online will send you to a world of adventure with amazing ships, spectacular events and stylish design.


Do not be lazy, be registered in the game and have a fantastic time!

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