Battle of the Immortals

Alternative names: Battle of the Immortals

Battle Of the Immortals Online - a free multiplayer online role-playing game from the company Perfect World Beijing. It should say that this tudiya has long established itself as an excellent team of developers and dizeynerov producing decent gaming products industry, and the game Battle of the Immortals is no exception. Battle of the Immortals online game, is the older brother of the famous Perfect World.

Join in the game Battle Of The Immortals will not take much of your time. All you need to do - fill in a few fields with the account name, password, locale settings and confirm registration through e-mail, which you will receive a confirmation letter and a link to download the client. Thus registration Battle Of The Immortals is completed. Battle Of Immortals online game, surprising us with its beauty at first sight.

Getting the character begins the game with character creation window, and from this point it is clear that designers worked hard pen to make the picture game Battle Of the Immortals online live, rich and pleasant to the eye. And it should be noted that they have this really well. Total at this point in the game there are five classes - Berserk, Chosen Slayer, Mage and Heretic. Interesting game swing all consider availability date of birth of the hero, depending on where it will be added to determine the sign of the zodiac, somehow affects the playing characteristics of the character. Play the game Battle Of Immortals is also interesting because it leads us step by step through the story and does not get lost in the huge expanse of the game world.

Discover the world of the Immortals begins, which is logical, in heaven. That's where we get our first instructions, the immortal status and go back to earth. Already on the ground, we find ourselves in the camp newcomers, who get their first job that must be done in order to improve and get a little money and the things that you will need in the game. Unfortunately, the job does not shine with originality, all the same "go-fetch" yes "kill monsters n", but a graphic component, implemented on top, excellent appearance of the hero, armor and guns, and a wonderful drawing skills of the hero make you forget that the quests are rather monotonous. Play the game online Battle Of The Immortals do not have alone.

Game pleasantly pleased with their system pets. Here, each character can make a pet, acquiring, finding the vast game world or just some tamed monster. But its purpose is not only to please the eye of his master, here pitotsy act as real gaming assistants, ready at any moment to grab the gun and fight side by side with you, as well developing and gaining experience. If you do decide to play Battle Of the Immortals, then you'll love its engineering component.

Indeed, it is worth noting qualitatively-developed manufacturing system and improve things, to make the object can have certain artisan, having the right level of skill and all the necessary resources, but improvements combat items in the game - nemerjanno. From the banal sharpening, to purchase special scrolls or stones that can increase the attack power of your sword or the level of protection of your armor.

The game will appeal to all fans of MMORPG and give many hours of pleasant pastime! In the Battle of the Immortals Anyone can play, download the game client, please register and prove that you are worthy of it become survivors of the Battle of the Immortals!

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