Battles for Glory 2

Alternative names: Battle for glory 2

If you attracts and fascinates the world war, if in your real life you never got to participate in large-scale battles (and want), online game Battles for Glory 2 will open before you a world war with its merits and demerits.

To play the game Battles for Glory 2 online you will need a computer that meets the following system requirements: Pentium 4 2. 0 Ghz; RAM 512 MB video card: NVidia GeForceFX 5700 or ATi Radeon 9600, about 9 GB of hard disk space, and an Internet connection. Agree requirements are small.

Register Battles for Glory 2 is very simple. Please go to the Quick Start menu, download and install the Client and Patch (special programs that will help you avoid all sorts of errors). Next, create your account - think out a game name and enter it in the appropriate box below, enter the password and email address. In order to register in the game Battles for Glory 2 was finished, go to your inbox and follow the link. Battles for Glory 2 online registration was successful and you can now start the game. Run the client, enter the account name (or username) and your password, create a new character and start to enjoy the game.

Game Battles for Glory 2 Online takes you into the world of three-dimensional battlefield, where your goal is basic - it's seizure of the territory in a protracted confrontation between the parties, since the very large mass of resources in the game only comes from the occupied territories. Advantage Battles for Glory 2 online is the social component of the game. What does this mean? In the game you can become a member of one of five races, which have unique characteristics and professions. Race are far from each other and are constantly at war, so the relationship within a very strong race.

It's fun to play the game online Battles for Glory 2, you can increase the ranking of their race by increasing the number of representatives and the expansion of the occupied territories. Try their leadership skills - as the success of your race depends on the success of its leaders, who you will become. But what is the leader without assistants - you can appoint three assistants (Archons) who will perform your orders.

Battles for Glory 2 online game is the key objects of the city, which accounted for three-controlled mobile Outpost to collect taxes from the territories. During the game you will besiege the city, but remember to destroy the main city flag you need to also eliminate secondary flags that are located in the city. Take the city is not so easy - but your skillful tactical thinking will help you.

How to successfully and easily play Battles for Glory 2, how to win - the answer is simple: collect as many artifacts as soon as they contain significant amounts of ancient forces that will help increase your speed race, physical and magical power and protection, accuracy and agility, and more. It is important to remember, the more you have artifacts, the more powerful their effect. Artifacts do not lose.

You can create a guild and capture fortress, discovering additional abilities and skills. With its arsenal Fortress, you can create a variety of alliances with other owners fortresses.

Battles for Glory 2 is easy to play and exciting. Full-scale battles and sieges, different races with multifunctional characters will give you an unusually vivid emotions and sensations.

Game Battle for glory 2 takes a lot of fun!

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