Battlestar Galactica Online

Alternative names: Batlstar Galactica Online

In this galaxy, there are two races to choose player - Humans and Cylons (robots). Upgrading spaceships, the player can create a strong army to capture and destroy the enemy. With each completed mission open unexplored mysteries of the universe, and the team is getting stronger and get new skills and opportunities attacks.

A huge plus is the 3D graphics, making the battle spectacular and colorful.

Another child, made in the genre of browser-based game on the topic of science fiction not only tarnished its image, but also surpassed the expectations of many fantastic games of this genre. We proudly present you a great game for anyone who is not alien Fiction: Battlestar Galactica Online.

I think many people know that the famous company-developer Bigpoint is considered to be a real maestro in online computer games, and even more - browser-based online role-playing toys. Her next child, made in the browser game genre on the subject of science fiction not only tarnished its image, but also surpassed the expectations of many fantastic games of this genre. We proudly present you a great game for anyone who is not alien Fiction: Battlestar Galactica Online.

Immediately pleasantly pleased that even though online game Battlestar Galactica Online and browser based, but the graphics it is not inferior to its client elder brothers. The catch is that during the creation of the game was used by the real three-dimensional graphics engine so that each player could get a real pleasure from the gameplay, not zamorachivayas system requirements. By the way, if Battlestar Galactica Online you can play even on the weakest computer, because no minimum system requirements for the game there. Only need to have an active Internet connection and a browser.

Join in the game Battlestar Galactica Online will not take you very long time and will be understood by everyone. All you need to do - enter the name of your game character, a password for access to the game and the email address to which you will be notified that the Battlestar Galactica Online registration is completed.

In general, it is worth noting that the series itself on the fate of Battlestar Galactica - it's a cult, food its special atmosphere, which will plunge into the game Battlestar Galactica Online game online. And in the process of creating the game, the developers spend enough time just creating this atmosphere itself, as many fans of the genre say that Battlestar Galactica Online game online - it's as if the real series, animated right on your computer. And it is worth noting that not one space battles, violent confrontations and treacherous intrigues rich in this series, but also its philosophical component, subtly woven into the storyline. We have a unique opportunity to look at what we can be in the future and why it happened that way, and not otherwise.

Actually, the main opponents of the human race Battlestar Galactica Online - Cylons, androids, with huge mental and physical abilities. Few people know, but once they were assistants even in humans, but rebelled and kindled a war against their creators. And now, after almost half a century since the first war Silonskoy robots decided to make a sweep, sending its military forces in each of the twelve colonies, but Battlestar Galactica managed to escape from the ring of siege and to chart a course for already forgotten all and doubtful of the existence of the parent planet with a strange name "Earth". Here is such a complication meets us the game.

Starting to play, you can choose as their race or race of people or Cylon race. It all depends on you. After that, you'll get a selection box is the appearance of your character. I must say that this part of the gameplay the developers have not paid a lot of time, but do not panic, because in most parts of the game, you control a ship and your mentee will be inside. Although you have to play periodically and Battlestar Galactica Online is online for your hero.

Quests and missions are implemented above all praise pleases not only study and linearity, but also interactivity of different quests, saturation of dynamic scenes and very pleasant rewards for their execution. Play online game Battlestar Galactica Online from becoming inapplicable nicer.

So, summarizing all the above, it is worth noting that if you really crave adventure and want to be in space among the countless numbers of stars and planets - safely start playing Battlestar Galactica Online and prove to everyone that you are the most this space hero that can save the whole universe!

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