Alternative names: Berserker, Berserker

Game Berserker - this is a game for fans of the Vikings with role-mode! With extra large map and plenty of ways to grow the game Berserker amaze you with its beautiful and very complex implementation. Character development is carried out using a wide array of options, and you can easily find a method that works best for you.

In game Berserker you can use brute force, agility to dodge the blows, endurance to get better, or intelligence, to use the ancient runic power, you will build a character that you really like! Explore the vastness of Midgard through the green plains, dense forests and mountains, full of dangers in Berserker online . In each village, you'll get new weapons, armor and skills! The Vikings have always been associated with the struggle, the same thing you will observe in the game Berserker.

Indeed, this browser game you will discover the exciting world of Norse mythology. Berserker game will introduce you to the Vikings, one of the most powerful warriors.

Before playing Berserker , make sure your computer meets the system requirements such as: frequency processor - 2GHz, 1GB RAM, Video Card - 128 MB. Join in the game Berserker will not take a lot of time and easy:

1.                   On the main page, select the item "registration";

2.                   Enter;

3.                   Please enter a valid e-mail;

4.                   Enter a secure password;

5.                   Select "Registration", and Berserker registration is over.

Upon arrival at the server, you will need to take an ax and go to meet the monsters and other players, it will be gradual, and at first we start with the different categories of games, for example, a tavern, a deposit, a merchant in the arena. Not always easy to understand how the Vikings find their way into Berserker online . Fortunately, the chat system in "real time" gives you the opportunity to ask questions to other players.

Skills character Berserker online will have to evolve a strategy browser-based game that allows you to select one of four equally important skills: strength, agility and improve the characteristics of the Vikings, for example, an increase in power allows you to do more damage.

Then you will need to equip weapons and items for your character. What is impressive about this browser is the fact that the game Berserker has several options of equipment worthy of a true MMORPG, like Diablo or WOW. We can really give our viking helmet, necklace, rings of all kinds, or shield. We should not forget about the classic weapons, armor, boots, etc. etc. in Berserker online .

Another advantage for the character skills are. They will allow you to unlock weapons or fight with a particular specialty in the game Berserker . Nevertheless, a very important aspect is the development of a strategic nature. There are 4 sections Berserker online : "weapon", where you can upgrade weapons and bonuses, as well as shields, "protection" gives you the opportunity to wear the best armor, the best Boots, "tactics" can unlock Arena, bring more gold or reduce working time missions; "Ornament" gives you the opportunity to wear rings and necklaces bonus.

You'll Berserker play and realize that in the Viking village, each building has its own importance. Restaurant - quests, crafts - to work, arena PvP - for fighting, etc.


Berserker game is browser game with action and exciting adventures, as well as work in a hostile environment. Berserker online will give you the opportunity to enjoy excellent graphics, so successful, that without it there would be the atmosphere of the Vikings in each of us that the developers wanted to tell us !

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