Berserk Online

Alternative names: Berserk

Berserk Online Game - Russian desktop computer version of the card game. Stepwise TCG Berserk online requires players to strategic thinking and dexterity. Ably traced fantasy card will amaze your imagination and fascinating process entirely hold of your attention from the very first minutes.

Berserk Online play is possible even with low power computer. Benefit game taxing on system requirements:
- System Windows 2000/XP/Vista;
- 256 MB RAM;
- Processor: Celeron 400, Intel Pentium 400, AMD Sempron;
- Internet connection (low bandwidth consumption).

Play the game online Berserk you can, download the game client and passed the registration process. Join in the game Berserk Online is as follows:
1) Enter e-mail;
2) to invent a password;
3) introduced nickname;
4) Specify the floor;
5) Put a tick that you agree with the License Agreement.

After Berserk onlan registration passed, starting rookie gets a deck of 30 cards. Berserk Online game is split into phases (the game itself). Participants take turns playing. Maps have properties such as driving, flying, action, attack, life.

Movement - this is a displacement map on the cells into which the conventional battlefield. The direction of movement can be up, down or right and left. Diagonal movement impossible. You also can not change the cards in places.
Flying - feature maps, which after the opening move in the secondary zone. They are motionless, but can attack on anyone.
Action - use this card during your turn. Now the card is already closed and will not be available during this course.
Attack inflicts wounds essentially enemy if the latter does not have the respective protection.
Each card has a certain number of lives. After their use have to get out of the battlefield to the cemetery.

Battle opponents will last as long as not all beings perish one of the players. When you attack, you can take a hit, to appoint counsel or use the same sudden action.

Berserk Online game requires arrange cards on the battlefield in three rows. 1st row - are warriors, intended not to miss the enemy in the rear, 2nd row form weak archers and creatures that can strike across the range, and in the 3rd row are placed ranged archers and wizards. Battlefield, where the main action of the game, is one of the gaming zones. Yet there are areas, such as a deck, extra seating and the already mentioned cemetery. In the deck are the cards that you have not taken to form a detachment for a particular battle. By the way, stands for one turn 15 cards, while the rest remain indefinitely. In the secondary area are terrain and flying creatures. Well, the cemetery - a shelter dead cards.

Berserk Online Registration issued to you only the minimum card. However, only limited them permanently impossible. Way to purchase new cards - buy boosters (set consisting of 7-random cards). For this purpose you need game currency - oz. Oz can buy for real using Webmoney, Yandex. Money, bank card or other available methods.
Play the game Berserk Online is interesting with an opponent whose forces are approximately equal to yours. To do this, there is an extensive system of levels of characters. Your level increases by raising duel rating. The more good players you defeat, the higher the rating. True to the game level is not affected. So leveling is at your discretion, there is no need.

If you are a gambling man, the advantages of the game will not pose your attention. Join the exciting world of cards and participate in a variety of quests, clan wars and tournaments. The presence in the game about 900 monsters will be for you a pleasant surprise. After all, as well, when the choice is unlimited! Start the game is right now and remember that development is primarily dependent on yourself!

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