Battlefield 3

Alternative names: Battlefield 3

Game Battlefield 3 is an exciting online computer game. Play BF3 you can only in the first person.

You can download Battlefield 3 game from the main site. Batelfild 3 game download can only grown users, that is, those who currently have a full eighteen years.

Before the start of an exciting game, you should see about Battlefield 3 videos. In the video game, you can learn a lot of useful information for yourself: gameplay, characterization techniques and classes.


Game 3 batelfild acquaint you with all of your characters. All the characters are divided into three groups:

1. Protagonists. These include: Henry "Black" Jonathan "Jono" Jennifer "Colby" and Dmitry "Dima".

2. Antagonists. These include: Solomon, Farouk al-Bashir, Amir Kafarov.

3. Minor characters: David Montes, Captain Cole, Steve Campo, Christian Matkovic, Jack Chaffin, Vladimir Kamarivsky and Cyril.


The game batelfild 3 you can play by joining one of the classes:

1. Assault - a soldier who is fighting on the frontlines. He may, in addition battles to provide medical assistance to other soldiers. To do this, he has a first aid kit and defibrillator.

2. Engineer - a class that is constantly working with technology. The main task of the engineer is the extermination of enemies and allies repair technicians. In addition, he can defuse enemy explosives

3. Support. This is a class that can assist ammunition other fighters. Support can set explosives, and use mortar.

4. Exploration - is a fighter who is collecting information about finding the enemy. Exploration uses laser targeting system, and establish a mobile hotspot for placing your squad.


In Battlefield 3 weapons have every character class:

1. Assault: assault rifle, first aid kit, defibrillators, AK-47

2. Engineer: rocket launchers, light machine guns, carbines, RC crawler.

3. Support: machine guns of various types.

4. Exploration: sniper rifles, motion sensor.

Besides different weapons all have common types of weapons: shotguns, pistols, guns, which belongs to a class PDW.


In-Game BF3 you will encounter the following types of vehicles:

1. Reconnaissance helicopters

2. Jets.

3. Plane support.

4. Military transport aircraft.

5. Infantry fighting vehicles.

6. Attack helicopters.

7. Tanks.

8. Tank destroyers.

9. Anti-aircraft guns.

10. Mobile artillery.

11. Transport:

- Armored cars.

- Open cars.

- Boat RHIB.

- Amphibious vehicle.

- Transport helicopters.

- Self.

- Quad.

- Motocross bike.

12. TOW

- Anti-aircraft installation.

- Anti-tank installation.


Start the game you will be in Iraq. You have to perform a huge number of missions, ride the trains, prevent disaster, and many other exciting events await you in Battlefield 3.

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